City of Greenville, NC

City Building Another High-Quality Development

Looking to build on the successes of the Nathanial Village and Crystal Springs affordable housing developments, the City Winslow Pointeof Greenville is working with a private developer to build another multi-family facility. Winslow Pointe will provide affordable apartments for people who fall below specific income levels.

“This is going to be a really nice addition to the community,” said Planner Scott Eaton. “There will be a clubhouse, exercise facilities, a playground, picnic area, and laundry facilities as well.”

Community Development Director Merrill Flood said, “The provision of quality affordable housing is a major focus of the City’s Housing Program. Developments like Winslow Pointe add quality affordable housing for individuals and families.”

The City, through a competitive process, awarded home investment partnership money to the NRP group to help satisfy the demand for this kind of housing. The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency has given the developer tax credits for this project to help with construction costs. Winslow Pointe is located on Hooker Road.

The NRP group did the site selection and acquisition, and is building the homes. For more information about the homes, call 1-866-414-6694 or visit them on the web at You can find floor plans and information request forms on the website as well.