City of Greenville, NC

Voting Districts

House Number:
Apt Number:
Street Name:    

Tips :
  • Make sure not to include a unit designation in the House Number.  Example: If your house number is 2345-B, only enter 2345 for the House Number.
  • Just enter the name of the street and not street direction such as W, E, SW,West, or East.  Also, do not enter the street type such as avenue, ave, road, or dr. For numbered streets, such W. 5th St., use the number and not the word. Example:  For W. 5th St, enter in 5 or 5th..

Voting district information is provided by the Pitt County Board of Elections. Any questions concerning this information should be directed to the Pitt County Board of Elections office at 252-902-3300 or


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