City of Greenville, NC

Planning and Zoning Commission

Council Liaison:  Council Member Rick Smiley
Staff Liaison:  Chantae Gooby, Planner II
Number of Members: 12 Term In Years: 3 Date Established: June 7, 1956
Duties: To act in an advisory capacity to conduct planning studies within the City and its extraterritorial areas and to prepare and adopt plans for achieving objectives for future development; to administer and enforce planning and zoning regulations.
Meeting Day: Third Tuesday of each month
Meeting Time: 6:30 p.m.
Meeting Location:  Council Chambers, Third Floor of City Hall, 200 West Fifth Street
Requirements: City residency; County residency; Seven (7) regular members and Two (2) alternate members reside inside of the corporate limits of the City and are appointed by the City Council; Two (2) of the regular members and One (1) alternate member reside outside of the corporate limits of the city, but within the limits of the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city and are appointed by the County Commissioners.
Current Membership: 
Name Member Type Expiration Date Current Term 
Shelley Basnight City; Chairperson June 2015 Second term
Ann Bellis City June 2017 Second term
Christine Darden City  June 2017 First term
Torico Griffin City June 2015 First term
Tony Parker City June 2016 Second term
Doug Schrade City June 2016 First term
John Weitz City June 2017 Second term
Brian Smith County June 2015 First term
Vacant County June 2017 First term
Terry King City; Alternate #1 June 2016 Filling unexpired term
Margaret Reid City; Alternate #2 June 2015 Filling unexpired term
Wanda Harrington County; Alternate #3 June 2015 First term
Planning and Zoning Agendas and Minutes 
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Last Modified: 8/14/2014
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