City of Greenville, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the City have 16 Million dollars of "Free Money" sitting around?
A. No. The City does have undesignated money in a "fund balance" which is like a savings account. The City is required by State law to keep an amount equal to at least 8% of its operating budget in a fund in case of emergency. City Council policy has required the City hold an amount equal to at least 14% of its annual operating budget to make certain we are on solid financial standing. A thorough explanation of the Fund Balance can be found in this July 2, 2014 report.


Who is the City Manager?

A. Barbara Lipscomb is Greenville's City Manager, effective August 13, 2012.
Q. What is the City's mailing address?
A. P.O. Box 7207
Greenville, NC 27835-7207
Q. Where can I get a city map?
A. The Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce has city maps available to the public for a small fee. Stop by the Chamber of Commerce located at 302 South Greene Street, Greenville, NC 27834 or call (252) 752-4101.
Q. Where can I get a City organizational chart?
A. Click Here
Q. When is the next City Council meeting?
A. Click Here 
Q. What is the process for citizens who want to speak at a City Council meeting?
A. Any item that is listed on the City Council agenda as a public hearing provides citizens an opportunity to speak either for or against the item under consideration. A Public Comment Period will be included as an item of business on the agenda for each regular City Council meeting and each joint meeting of City Council and the Greenville Utilities Commission. If a person wishes to speak during the Public Comment Period regarding a topic that is not on the agenda or is not a public hearing item at that meeting or another meeting during the same week, he/she may register with the City Clerk prior to the opening of the meeting by writing his/her name, address, and a short description of his/her topic. The sign-up sheet will be located on a podium at the entrance to the Council Chambers. Speakers will be limited to three minutes. For a copy of the City Council Policy for Public Comment, click here.
Q. What is the population of Greenville?
A. 84,554 is the official population from the 2010 census.
Q. Frequently requested numbers for various services and agencies (post office, driver's license, birth certificates, voter registration, social security, etc.)
A. Click Here

Last Modified: 7/8/2014
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