City of Greenville, NC

Planning Division

The City of Greenville Planning Division serves as the administrative and technical coordinator for land development and zoning requests throughout the city's 65-square-mile planning jurisdiction. The Planning Division provides administrative and technical support to; 
      • City Council;
      • Planning and Zoning Commission;
      • Board of Adjustment;
      • Community Appearance Commission;
      • and their various subparts and committees

The Planning Division assists developers and general citizens in the submission, analysis, recommendation and approval of both citizen and administratively-initiated development proposals and plans. The Planning Division includes
      • Zoning Compliance/Enforcement Section
      • Site Plan Section
      • Subdivision Section
      • Annexation/Environmental Services Section
      • Zoning/Land Use Section and
      • Geographic Information System (GIS) Section.

In addition, the Planning Division collects and interprets data related to future land use needs and prepares and maintains long range planning studies, including the Horizons Comprehensive Plan. You can contact the Planning Division by calling (252) 329-4498.



Last Modified: 1/6/2014
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