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Horizons: Greenville's Community Plan

Comprehensive Plan for the City of Greenville, North Carolina (updated February 12, 2004)

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Click here to view the entire Horizons 2009 - 2010 Update in PDF format (adopted Dec. 7, 2010)

Click here to view the entire Horizons Comprehensive Plan in PDF format.

Click here to view the Horizons Future Land Use Plan Map in PDF format.

Horizons Plan logo1A comprehensive plan is a statement by the community of what it is today, and what it would like to be in the future. A comprehensive plan is an official public document, adopted by the chief legislative body (i.e. City Council). Although Greenville uses the term comprehensive plan, phrases such as master plan, general plan, and long-range plan have the same meaning.

A comprehensive plan is a statement of policies. The policies of the plan in effect speak to the private sector and to elected officials and say, "When we encounter this situation, we will probably act this way for these reasons." This approach has the advantage of stating a position in advance of heated controversy. To deviate from a policy in the plan should require an argument as convincing as the one in the plan. Departing from the precepts of a plan whould always be possible - although not necessarily easy.

A comprehensive plan is general, in that its recommendations are area-wide rather than site specific. A comprehensive plan is not a zoning plan, although it would likely contain recommendations that affect the zoning and subdivision ordinances.

A comprehensive plan focuses on the physical development of a city. It describes how, why, when, and where to build or rebuild the city. While a comprehensive plan is not a social service delivery plan or an economic development plan, it will encompass elements contained in each.

A comprehensive plan is indeed, comprehensive, in that it includes all areas within a city and its extraterritorial planning jurisdiction. Moreover, the plan includes all elements that have a bearing on the physical development of the city (utilities, transportation, housing, etc.).

Finally, a comprehensive plan is long-range, in that it projects an image of a city sometime into the future, usually twenty years. In the past, many comprehensive plans merely gave snapshots of what cities should look like in the futute without providing proper guidance on how to reach these goals. Successful plans of today not only establish long-range goals that challenge and inspire, they also include short-range (one to two years), and mid-range (three to five years) goals and objectives that help maintain a focus on the vision the community has created for the next twenty years.


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