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Parking Fines

Parking fines are a method of ensuring authorized parking so that those who need access to parking will have a better opportunity to obtain it.  These fines are issued on the basis of the manner by which a vehicle is parked; whether illegally parked or parking overtime in a time specific zone.  The City of Greenville employs two full time parking Enforcement Officers to enforce the city's parking codes throughout the downtown and residential areas of Greenville's city limits.  These enforcement officers issue parking tickets and enforce the Boot Ordinance which permits the use of wheel locks on vehicles or the towing of vehicles with tags for which there are three or more unpaid parking tickets that are at least 90 days old.  The law that supports this action is the scofflaw and it identifies a nuisance.  The scoffs are those offenders who get ticket after ticket and never pay them. If your vehicle is towed or booted, all fines and penalties must be paid to retrieve your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

ECU Rules & Guidelines 

Downtown Parking Decal Download Parking Decal Application

Got a Parking Ticket?

You have 10 calendar days to pay the parking ticket without receiving penalties.  If you need to appeal the fine, you have 72 hours or 3 days to submit your appeal.  No penalty charges will be assessed during the appeal period.  If you have questions concerning the payment of or appealing of your parking ticket, contact the Collections Division at (252) 329-4448.  For a copy of the Parking Ticket Appeals Application, click here.  You may also visit our office located on the corner of West Fifth Street and Washington Streets, downtown Greenville.

You may pay your parking ticket on-line or send payment to:

The City of Greenville
Financial Services/Collections - Parking
PO Box 7207
Greenville, NC 27835-7207

A payment drop box is located on the back (North) side of City Hall for your convenience.  We accept cash, check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard.  To pay on-line click here Pay Parking Tickets.

Leased Parking

There are six designated "Leased" lots throughout the downtown area.  The city provides short and long-term contracts to meet the unique needs of its renters.  If you would like to find out more about leasing a parking space, contact the Collections Division at (252) 329-4448. 

Downtown Limited Time Parking Zone

This zone begins at the Tar River to the North, Reade Circle to the South, Greene Street to the West, and Reade Street to the East.  For a copy of the area map, contact the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4467. 

Metered Parking

There are seven (7) meters located in the downtown area.  Five traditonal meters and two pay station meters.  Inserting the proper coin or card amount sets the timing mechanism in accordance with the directions appearing on the meter.  No additional time will be given beyond the specified amount indicated for the time limit. 


Residential Parking

A resident of a controlled residential parking area is eligible to receive one (1) residential parking decal for each vehicle operated by the resident.  Vehicles used for nonresidents, commuting or for storage do not qualify for a parking permit.  For more information or to apply for a residential parking sticker, contact the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4467.  The City of Greenville restricts the parking of vehicles in the yard, otherwise referred to as "Parking on an Unimproved Surface".  You will be fined a nominal fee for parking your vehicle in an area that is not a designated driveway.  For more information contact Neighborhood Services at (252) 329-4111.

Parking For the Disabled

The Disabled Parking Identification Card provides reserved parking privileges for people with disabilities.  The Parking Identification Card must be hung from the interior rearview mirror of a motor vehicle when parking in a parking space reserved for the physically disabled.  Any person who lends the Disabled Parking ID Card to someone who is not authorized by law to use it, may be fined up to $250.00. Click your state on the map, Vehicle Registration, Click HERE to Proceed to the North Carolina DMV, Page down then click Handicapped Placards / Plates.

Parking Regulations

Parking regulations are in effect throughout the year, including holidays and semester breaks.  It is the owner's responsibility to read and fully understand the parking regulations.  Vehicles must be parked in an established parking space only.  A parking permit does not guarantee a specific parking space nor does the lack of a space justify illegal parking.  To view regulations click here or for a copy of the regulations, contact the City's Clerk's office at (252) 329-4422 or (252) 329-4455.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is the late payment penalty for my parking ticket?

If the face amount of your ticket is: ($5.00)
The penalty is $5.00 after the 10th and 30th days: Maximum payment  $15.00

  If the face amount of your ticket is: ($15.00)
The penalty is $5.00 after the 10th and 30th days: Maximum payment: $25.00
  If the face amount of your ticket is: ($20.00)
The penalty is $15.00 after the 10th and 30th days: Maximum payment  $50.00
  If the face amount of your ticket is: ($50.00)
The penalty is $15.00 after the 10th and 30th days: Maximum payment  $80.00

If the face amount of your ticket is: ($100.00)
The penalty is $50.00 after the 10th , 30th and 60th days: Maximum payment  $250.00


Q. What should I do if I misplaced my parking ticket?

Contact the Collections Division at (252) 329-4448 with your license tag number or your name for retrieval of your ticket information.


Q. What if someone else was driving my vehicle and received a parking ticket?

Because you are the registered tag owner, you are responsible for parking tickets issued to your vehicle, regardless of whom you gave permission to drive your vehicle.  You, the registered tag owner are responsible for paying all parking fines issued to your vehicle.


Q. I received a notice but I've already put my payment in the payment box?

The payment box is emptied on a daily basis.  If you put your payment in the payment box and have received a notice, contact the Collections Division at (252) 329-4448 for assistance.


Q. I received a notice of parking fines I have already paid, what should I do?

Contact the Collections Division Office at (252) 329-4448.


Q. The parking meter did not register time and my vehicle was ticketed.  Who can help me with this?

Contact the Collections Division Office at (252) 329-4448.  A work order will be submitted to determine if there is a defect in the meter.


Q. I received a ticket for parking in a handicap space and I have a valid handicap placard.  What should I do?
A. Mail the ticket, with a copy of your placard and /or the registration card, to: City of Greenville - Collections Division, P.O. Box 7207, Greenville, NC 27835-7207. 



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Contact the Collections Division at (252) 329-4448

Last Modified: 3/20/2014
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