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Greenville Fire/Rescue is actively seeking competent, hardworking people who are interested in becoming firefighters/EMT's and are eager to be a part of a dynamic organization. We are always recruiting potential firefighters/EMT's that have the desire and enthusiasm to serve our community in a highly professional manner. We offer a competitive starting salary, great benefits, excellent training and numerous advancement opportunities. Ignite your career and apply to Greenville Fire/Rescue.


Hiring Process

If you are interested in applying for a position within the Greenville Fire/Rescue Department, you need to fill out a Job Interest Card.   The job interest card can be located under the Employment Tab at the top of this page.  When positions become available in the department, you will be notified of vacancies and can then complete an On-line application.  Currently, the hiring process takes about six months (from application deadline to job offer).

Our Application process consists of:

  • A general knowledge written test (which is normally given on two different dates for your convenience).
  • A Physical ability assessment (we provide physical ability preparatory sessions prior to the actual assessment).
  • A Panel Interview
  • A Psychological Evaluation
  • A Human Performance Physical Evaluation
  • The Fire Chief’s Interview

Upon successful completion of all of the application processes, you will be hired as a probationary employee. Most probationary employees will be required to attend our 25 week fire and EMS academy. During this academy, we provide our employees the training and education necessary to perform all of the basic aspects of the job.

In some cases an employee may be allowed to attend a short academy and then be placed on one of our three shifts. This may occur in some instances when an employee can produce sufficient fire fighter certifications and proven fire rescue experience with a career fire/rescue department.


Employment with Greenville Fire/Rescue

Once hired, Greenville Fire/Rescue (GFR) will provide all of the needed training to meet the state's standards as a Firefighter Level II and as a Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The department provides additional training in the above academy experience that exceeds the state's requirements, and the academy lasts approximately 25 weeks. Academy students from GFR are paid as Fire/Rescue Trainees.

Employee salaries depend on rank and time with the City of Greenville. The current annual salary ranges for Fire/Rescue personnel (non-officer) are:

  • Fire/Rescue Trainee $30,492 to $45,801
  • Fire/Rescue I $33,429 to $50,086
  • Fire/Rescue II $40,884 to $61,384
  • EMS Specialist $43,796 to $65,636
  • Deputy Fire Marshal $43,804 to $65,624
  • Fire Marshal $53,352 to $80,163

Our Fire/Rescue personnel currently work 24 hours on duty, and 48 hours off duty, and are subject to mandatory overtime for disasters, large emergencies or to meet minimum staffing requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   When will you be hiring?
A.   Currently Unknown

Q.   Do you have a residency requirement?
A.   Yes.  The following geographical areas, including Pitt County, are within the permitted residential areas.

County  Specific Areas of Inclusion
Beaufort All
Craven All with the exception of areas South of Catfish Lake Road or Flanner's Beach Road
Edgecombe South of State Route 97
Greene All
Lenoir North of US Hwy 70
Martin All
Nash East of I-95 and South of US Hwy 64 (US 64 Bypass)
Wayne North of US Hwy 70 and the Goldsboro area defined by US 13 to the West, NC 581 to the South, and NC 111 to the East
Wilson East of I-95

NOTE:For those areas defined by the means of roadways, the center line of the roadway will be used as the border.

See Residency Map

Q.   Do I have to have firefighting experience?
A.   It depends on which class, title or rank you are applying for.  A job posting for the rank of Fire/Rescue Trainee does not require any fire, rescue or EMS experience.  However, a job posting for the rank of Fire/Rescue Officer I will require certain professional certifications and job experience.

Q.   Do I have to do both firefighting and Emergency Medical Services (EMS)?
A.   Yes, all of our employees rotate through fire and EMS assignments.  Every employee must become a basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certified by the State of North Carolina and Pitt County. 

Q.   Do I have to be a Paramedic?
A.   You only have to be a paramedic to be promoted to the position of EMS Specialist or Lieutenant.  Employees below those ranks must only maintain a Basic EMT certification.

Q.   Do you have volunteers?
A.   No, all members of the Greenville Fire/Rescue department are career members.

Q.   I am already a certified Firefighter in another state or another NC city;  Do I still have to go to the academy?
A.   It depends on which class, title or rank you are applying for.  A job posting for the rank of Fire/Rescue Trainee does not require any fire, rescue or EMS experience.  However, a job posting for the rank of Fire/Rescue Officer I will require certain professional certifications and job experience.

Q.   Do I need a degree to advance in rank?
A.   At this time, a degree is required starting with the rank of Fire/Rescue Captain and higher.

Q.   What classes should I take to prepare myself?
A.   There are no required classes, however, a foundation in math and reading comprehension will help you in taking the written test.

Q.   Is there a study guide available for the written test?
A.   Yes, refer to job posting under Human Resources Department at the time we are taking applications.

Q.   What if I am sick the day of testing?
A.   There are no make up times for the various tests.

Q.   How can I prepare for the physical ability assessment test?
A.   Running is a good preparatory exercise, as aerobic activity is very important.  Also, upper body preparation should include repetitious weight training.  Once an applicant is eligible to take the physical abilities test, they will be offered the opportunity to practice the obstacle course we utilize for testing.  Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of the practice opportunities.

Q.   Do candidates with degrees or certifications get preferential consideration?
A.   Not per se, but, academic achievements are a consideration.

Q.   Can I see the results of my testing?
A.   You may view the results of your agility test and human performance lab.  However, you cannot view the results of the written test, interview board, psychological test, or Chief's interview.

Q.   What are the automatic disqualifications when you check my criminal background?
A.   There are few absolutes, but either convictions or nole contendere pleads for the following felonies would make you an unlikely candidate:
       • Felony with violence
       • Felony with weapon
       • Sexual assault
       • Drug trafficking/sales
       • Theft of narcotic/controlled substances
       • Other act that would prevent you from becoming certified as an EMT by the State of North Carolina.

Q.   Do I have to get "dressed up" for the interviews?
A.   No, but many candidates appear more comfortable wearing business attire and business casual.

Q.   Do you only hire men for this job?
A.   No, we encourage men and women to apply.  We are very interested in increasing the number of female and minority staff members.

Q.   What are the age restrictions for this job?
A.   You must be at least 18 years of age to apply, and there is no maximum age.


If you have any questions, comments or need any additional information that you could not locate on this site, please contact:
(252) 329-4390


Last Modified: 4/2/2013
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