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This page provides study area information, growth expectations, and project objectives. These elements must be considered concurrently to ensure a successful project.

10 St. Connector - Rendering

Study Area

The study area for the Tenth Street Connector is generally bounded by West Fifth Street on the north, the railroad on the south, Moye Boulevard on the west, and Evans Street on the east. Click here for a map of the study area.



At the present time, approximately 3,700 people live in the study area. Growth is expected to continue in upcoming years, as follows:


bullet-4 Traffic along the corridor is expected to grow approximately 2% per year through 2025.


bullet-4 The population of Pitt County has grown by 3% per year in the recent past, and it is expected to continue to grow, although at a slightly slower pace, through 2025.


bullet-4 Employment in Pitt County has grown by 2% per year and is expected to grow by approximately 3% per year through 2025 (primarily at East Carolina University and Pitt County Memorial Hospital).




The following six objectives for the project are outlined below:

1. Increase connectivity between places to the east and places to the west via improved multimodal access. This includes connecting the Hospital with areas to the east, the University and downtown Greenville with areas to the west, and ECU’s main campus with the Health Science Center.

2. Provide a grade-separated crossing with CSX Railroad from eastern North Carolina to the Hospital/Health Science campus to improve emergency response time.

3. Create a direct connection between Stantonsburg Road and Tenth Street to improve vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access.

4. Provide an opportunity to change West Fifth Street Drive from a major thoroughfare to a neighborhood collector street.

5. Sustain and support economic development of Greenville, ECU, and PCMH.

6. Construct a facility consistent with recommendations from local and regional plans, including the 2004 Horizons plan, the 2005/2006 Center City-West Greenville Revitalization Plan, and the 2005 Greenville Urban Area Thoroughfare Plan.




Last Modified: 1/24/2014
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