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Picnic Shelter Rentals

Elm St. Picnic Shleter 2
Optimist 1 Shelter at Elm St. Park


Reservation Information and Policies 

Hours of Reservations

Shelter Amenities

Shelter Parking



Inclement Weather

Picnic shelters listing 

Hours for Reservations
-Half Day Options:
   a) Opening to 2:30pm
   b) 3:00pm to dusk

-Full Day - Opening to Dusk

Facility reservations may be made at the following locations:
Jaycee Park, H. Boyd Lee Park, River Park North, Eppes Recreation Center, South Greenville Recreation Center, and Greenville Aquatics & Fitness Center
For more information or to check availability, please call 329-4567; however, NO PHONE RESERVATIONS ARE TAKEN.

The following rentals will only be made with the respective staff:

Athletic Fields (Athletics staff) 329-4550
River Park North Nature Center 329-4560
Town Common Amphitheatre (contact Dean Foy) 329-4543
Guy Smith Stadium (Dennis Vestal) 329-4268
Swimming pools (Mike Godwin) 329-4043

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Shelter Amenities
Picnic shelter reservations include the covered shelter, tables, and grills. Other amenities are available for all public use and are not reserved with a shelter. This includes but is not limited to ballfields, playground equipment, and the park itself.

You may rent a ballfield for an extra fee by calling 329-4550. 

Shelter Parking
Parking is limited to parking lots. Vehicles may not be driven to shelters without written permission.

Cookers and Extra Recreation Equipment- If you wish to bring equipment for cooking or recreation to the park, you must obtain written permission.

A credit will be given if you cancel your reservation in writing at least 30 days prior to the reservation date AND turn in your Facility Reservation Contract. You may also reschedule your reservation but must do so in writing 30 days prior to the reservation date AND must also turn in your previous Facility Reservation Contract.

Inclement Weather
If inclement weather prevents your use of a shelter, we will be happy to reschedule your reservation or give a credit. You must make a written request within 5 days of the reservation.

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See the GRPD Facility Rental Manual for picinic shelter pricing.

Park Name # of Seats
Andrew A Best Freedom Park 80
Bradford Creek Soccer Complex 25
Elm Street Park Kiwanis 25
Elm Street Park Jaycee 70
Elm Street Park Optimist I & II 50
Greenfield Terrace 50
Greensprings Park 25
Guy Smith Park 50
H. Boyd Lee Park 150
Hillsdale Park 20
Jaycee Park 50
Paramore Park 40
Peppermint Park 50
River Park North Small 25
River Park North Large 100
River Birch Tennis Center 50
South Greenville Park 75
Thomas Foreman Park Small 25
Thomas Foreman Park Large 100
West Meadowbrook Park 100
Woodlawn Park 25
Westhaven Park 50

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