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Greenville City Council Abstracts

Here’s a brief summary of each agenda item for the upcoming meeting:


Monday, October 8 meeting:

1.      Minutes from the August 9, 2012 City Council meeting

Proposed minutes from the regular City Council meeting held on August 9, 2012.


2.      Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract Agreement with Schneider Electric

The Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract is a way for the City to realize energy savings without finding extra money to pay for equipment upgrades necessary to make those savings happen. Schneider Electric recommended and will implement upgrades to things such as HVAC, lighting systems, and building automation. The City will pay for those items over 16 years using the energy savings which are promised in the contract. If the savings are not what Schneider promises, Schneider has to pay.


3.      Electric Capital Projects Budget Ordinance and reimbursement resolution for Greenville Utilities Commission's South Point of Delivery (POD) Substation

Construction of this POD facility enhances the reliability of delivery and supports GUC’s long-term growth. It is planned to take advantage of the new Progress Energy transmission line.

4.      Presentations by Boards and Commissions

These are the annual reports for the Historic Preservation Commission and the Recreation and Parks Commission.

5.      Financial audit for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012

City staff and McGladrey and Pullen will present the audit results for the City of Greenville as of June 30, 2012, which entails receipt of an unqualified opinion which is the highest level of assurance an auditor can provide.

6.      Performance Management and NC Benchmarking Project Update

Staff will introduce and summarize how the City of Greenville service areas compared to other jurisdictions across the state in the North Carolina Benchmarking Program for the year ending June 30, 2011.

7.      Special pay adjustments for FY 2012-2013 and ordinance amending the Assignment of Classes to Pay Grades and Ranges

City Council approved a $100,000 allocation for special pay adjustments during FY 2012-2013 to equitably address several compensation issues. Staff’s proposal is a three-part approach: (1) limited pay adjustments to those incumbent employees at the lowest end of the pay scales to ease their compressed salaries in comparison with newly hired employees; (2) reclassifications and titles changes for 13 of the positions recommended by departments during the budget preparation process; and (3) authorization to change the status on 13 part-time position from temporary part-time to designated part-time and qualify for partial fringe benefits.

8.      Resolution amending the City of Greenville Personnel Policies for Pay of Reclassified Employee/Pay for Employee Affected by Reorganization or Restructuring

This is a proposed amendment to the City of Greenville Personnel Policy regarding Pay of Reclassified Employee/Pay for Employee Affected by Reorganization or Restructuring. This item was considered at the September 10, 2012, City Council meeting and continued to October.

9.      Report on standards for internet sweepstakes businesses

The number of internet sweepstakes businesses operating within the City's jurisdiction has increased significantly in recent years. Recognizing that the City's zoning ordinance lacks specific standards to provide for the appropriate location of these facilities, City Council adopted a moratorium on the establishment of new facilities to allow the City the opportunity to develop and adopt such standards. This report includes potential standards developed by staff. City Council will consider initiating a Zoning Ordinance text amendment, which is the first step in a process that will lead to the adoption of standards.

10.  Presentation on tree preservation recommendations

At the November 2010 meeting, the City Council directed staff to evaluate the City's current tree preservation policies with input from stakeholders and prepare a report to bring back to City Council. The report to City Council will seek input and further direction on the Tree Preservation Discussion Group recommendations that include additional tree preservation education, additional incentives for preserving trees during development, improving protection of preserved trees during construction, and reforestation.

11.  Council-Staff Communications Guidelines

At the September 13, 2012, City Council meeting, Council requested that the City Manager provide suggested communications guidelines between City Council Members and staff as well as examples of policies by other communities. The City Manager’s recommended Council-Staff Communications Guidelines has been given to the Council for review and consideration and will be the focus of this agenda item.

12.  Sun glare issue in City Hall atrium

Council Member Calvin Mercer requested that an item be placed on the agenda to discuss the sun glare issue in the City Hall atrium. The Mayor and Council Member Max Joyner initiated a staff response to an issue with the sunshine in City Hall. Assistant City Manager Thom Moton provided information to City Council on September 7, 2012.



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