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City To Begin Electronic Payments To Vendors

The City of Greenville is about to make it faster and easier for vendors to be paid.  Beginning October 28, 2008, the City will pay the businesses that provide it with products and services at the touch of a button.

“The payment will automatically be put into the vendor’s bank account within one or two days of our uploading it into the computers,” said Linda Roach, Accounting Supervisor.  “It’s kind of like how you get paid if you have direct deposit.”

This new way of paying vendors will save the taxpayers money via supplies currently used to print and mail checks.  It will save staff time from the current processing of the check requests & actual payments, which will in turn save the taxpayers in personnel costs.  Vendors will benefit by being paid much faster than they currently do.

“It’s overwhelming how the vendors have reacted,” said Roach, “and many say they’re surprised we hadn’t done this earlier.  At least half of the vendors we have sent notice to about the change have sent their information back to us to make the change.  That’s about 600 vendors who see the value and convenience in switching the way we pay them.

Some vendors are worried about security concerns with giving their banking information, but I explain that they are not giving any more information than they do when they write a check.  We are working closely with Wachovia to ensure the information is safe – they even have a Fraud Department that deals with making sure no fraud takes place.”

City leaders hope to have all vendors on board with the new system in short order, but say they will continue to cut checks the old fashioned way as necessary.

The electronic payment system came to fruition thanks to a City Council goal to increase the City’s technological capabilities and through the hard work and collaboration between the Financial Services and Information Technology Departments.

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Last Modified: 10/17/2008
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