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Stormwater Regulatory Committee

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Staff Liaisons:
Daryl Norris Civil Engineer III - Stormwater Management
Lisa Kirby Director of Engineering
Travis Welborn  Civil Engineer III - Land Development
Rick Smiley  City Council Liaison
Number of Members: 10


The role of the Greenville Stormwater Regulatory Committee (SRC) is to assist the City of Greenville Engineering Department, Stormwater Management Division in reviewing the City’s current stormwater management program and ordinances and to provide recommendations for a sustainable program that will continue to enable the City to meet its stormwater management vision.

“Stormwater management will comprehensively address surface water within the city through public leadership to protect and preserve the environment and the quality of life in Greenville. Design, construction, maintenance and management of the physical structures and water courses will be in partnership with the community, to meet community goals of reducing the risk of flooding and of protecting surface water quality.”

The Stormwater Management Division is responsible for taking information gathered through its analyses and considering the feedback from the Committee in order to formulate a recommendation for ordinance revisions to the City Council. The Greenville City Council has sole authority to approve recommendations and amend ordinances. Committee deliberations and recommendations are to aid Stormwater Management Division staff in drafting ordinance revision recommendations for City Council consideration.

Meeting Day: Every three weeks beginning February 10, 2021
Meeting Time: 9:00 a.m.
Meeting Location: TBD
Facilitator: Daryl Norris
Current Membership:

Current Term
Landon Weaver

First term
Rocky Russell
First term
Jill Howell
First Term
Michael Odriscoll
First term
Ken Malpass
First term
Igor Palyvoda
First term
Michelle Clements
First term
Bryan Fagundas
First term
Richie Brown
First term
Steve Janowski
First term