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City Council Redistricting

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What is it?

Redistricting is a federal and state mandated process during which the City Council redraws the boundaries for its five voting districts. This work utilized the 2020 Census data and, by law, had to be completed by November of 2021. The Council considered geographical boundaries and population data in drafting the options for each of the City’s five districts. The Council also received citizen input on proposed options before making a final decision.

Why Redistrict?

Federal case law and state law requires the City to review the population of each district after each US census. A key test is the 5%+/5%- rule, which holds that the most populous and least populous districts are within 5% of the ideal district population.

Public Participation

There were three public engagement opportunities provided to the public offering a chance to ask questions and learn more about the district boundary proposals. The Council also placed the maps and comment cards in nine City facilities. Additionally, the City Council offered a public comment period during its meetings in October and November of 2021, including a public hearing held on November 22, 2021.

New Map Selected

The City Council considered four options, but ultimately settled on Option B2 as its new map of electoral districts. The new map can be viewed here.

City Elections to be held May 17, 2022

By action of the State Legislature, the City of Greenville and other cites with a district system had their November 2021 elections moved to May 17, 2022. This law only changed the date for the 2021 elections and will not affect any future elections.