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Housing Rehabilitation Program

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Homeowner Rehabilitation Flyer

Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Grant/Loan Program

The goal of this program is to assist low-income households in the rehabilitation of their home. Money for the program home from HUD HOME Investment Partnership or Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). To pre-apply, download a pre-application form.

Eligible Properties

Property must be located in within the City of Greenville city limits. Property must be presently owned and occupied as a primary residence by a low-income household. Property must have one or more substandard conditions but must be suitable for rehabilitation. A property may be considered not suitable for rehabilitation if it is dilapidated or deteriorated beyond feasible economic repair.


The property owner(s) must have clear title to the property. In case of heir property, the occupying heir(s) must have 100% ownership. Life estates ownership and homes with reverse mortgages are not eligible.


The owner(s) must be current on all mortgages and taxes, and not have collections, liens or judgments from IRS, State or North Carolina, Pitt County or the City of Greenville.  

Primary Residence

The property must be occupied by the owner for the life of the Deed of Trust. Failure to do so will result in any grant funds used to rehabilitate the property must be repaid in full.


The property must be occupied by the owner for the life of the Deed of Trust. Failure to do so will result in any grant funds being repaid in full.  

Step 1. Download and submit Pre-Application to the Housing Division of the City of Greenville. Upon receipt of the completed pre-application form, your name will be placed on the Housing Rehabilitation Waiting List.  
Step 2. Complete required documents. Upon request, you must submit eligibility documentation including, but not limited to the following: verification of all household income, proof of homeownership, and proof of property insurance. At that time eligibility will be determined. Also, based on household income will be determined if it will be a full deferred loan or if partial repayment is required. fheo50

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