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The Greenville Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is a regional transportation planning organization that is made up of elected officials and representatives from various Federal, State and local government agencies within the Greenville urban area . The MPO provides the regional cooperative planning that serves as the basis for the expenditure of Federal transportation funds in the area for streets, highways, bridges, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian paths. Every urban area of at least 50,000 people, designated by the U.S. Census Bureau, is required to have a similar organization. There are 19 MPOs in the state of North Carolina. The members of the Greenville Urban Area MPO include the City of Greenville, the Towns of Winterville and Ayden, the Village of Simpson, and surrounding areas of Pitt County.  A map of the MPO boundary is available by clicking here.

The MPO is responsible for carrying out an annual planning work program, part of which must address updating the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (a seven-year project programming schedule) and a long-range transportation plan, which is a twenty-year forecast of projects and programs. The Engineering Division of the City of Greenville's Department of Public Works is the lead planning agency for the Greenville Urban Area MPO. The MPO works directly with NCDOT to prioritize road projects that enhance traffic flow within the Greenville Urban Area MPO boundary. For further information or to provide comments on any of the items presented on this web page available for public comment, contact Ryan Purtle at 252.329.4476 or by e-mail at




Public Comment Requests

None at this Time.


Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The MTP is a federally-mandated, long-term planning document detailing the transportation improvements and policies to be implemented in the MPO's planning area. This document is updated every 5 years.

The adopted 2014-2040 MTP is available by clicking here.


Development of the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Greenville MPO is currently updating their long range transportation plan. In coordination with Kimley-Horn the MPO is developing the transportation improvement strategies, policies and projects that will be implemented in the region through the horizon year of 2045. During this process Public participation is critical and staff of the MPO welcomes general and/or specific facility comments at any time. The MPO wishes to develop a plan that addresses the needs of the region in order to facilitate development of a safe, reliable and efficient transportation network that supports all modes of transportation equally.

 The link to provide comments on transportation in Greenville and to provide valuable input during the the development process of the 2045 MTP can be found here.

For information on how the public can provide comments and input during the development process, please see the project's Public Involvement Plan here.

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Public Involvement Plan (PIP) & Title VI Plan

The Greenville Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (GUAMPO) presents its Public Involvement Plan (PIP).  The purpose of the Plan is to provide guidelines for establishing and maintaining optimum public involvement in the transportation planning process.  The Plan incorporates current public involvement objectives, policies, and techniques.  It is critical for the MPO as part of its public involvement process to provide complete information, timely public notice, and support continuing involvement of the public in the development of plans and programs.   

The Public Involvement Plan is available by clicking here.

The MPO's policy on administrative modifications to planning documents can be found here.

The MPO's Title VI plan is available by clicking here. 

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Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP)

The MTIP contains all transportation projects programmed for the upcoming seven-year period, including all regionally significant transportation projects regardless of funding source (such as transit, highway, rail, walkways, bicycle, enhancement projects, and etc.) within the Metropolitan Planning Organization boundary. It is revised bi-annually to incorporate those projects in the MTP having an ability to be funded within the seven-year period. Projects are grouped by roadway functional classification and indicate the year, fund source, and funding levels for each project phase within the seven year time frame covered by the MTIP.

The 2018-2027 MTIP is available by clicking here. An illustrative summary of the MTIP can be seen by clicking here.

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Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) identifies in a single document the annual transportation planning activities that are to be undertaken in the Greenville Urbanized Area in support of the goals, objectives and actions established in the Long-Range Transportation Plan. In short, it is an outline of the transportation planning activities that will be conducted by the GUAMPO and its professional staff over the course of one year. The UPWP is developed annually by the GUAMPO with its planning partners to reflect the region's short-range transportation planning needs.


Serving as the basis for all funding assistance for transportation planning and programming for state, local and regional agencies, the UPWP undertakes various transportation planning and engineering related studies for the GUAMPO and its member agencies. Strategic studies of transportation concerns give an accurate picture of the Greenville Urbanized Area's condition, and provide information to find solutions to transportation issues. The work performed under this annual work program is primarily accomplished by a combination of professional, technical and administrative staff of the Greenville Urbanized Area, with the assistance and cooperative support of participating GUAMPO member agencies.

For historical purposes the 2017-2018 UPWP is available by clicking here

The 2018-2019 UPWP is available by clicking here. 


Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

In 2001, revisions were made to North Carolina General Statute 136-66.2 that was intended to expand current transportation planning in North Carolina to include consideration of non-roadway alternatives.  The statute now calls for the development of a Coordinated Transportation Plan (CTP). The CTP is a long-term “wish-list” of recommended transportation improvements intended for an entire MPO planning area. It doesn’t have a specific timeline, cost, or funding source. The plan is expected to be a living document that provides for inter-jurisdictional cooperation and planning to replace the previously used thoroughfare plans.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) is to update the official Thoroughfare Plan that is used by local, regional, state and federal decision-makers. The plan provides for land reservation for future transportation corridors and helps guide decisions on setbacks and transportation improvements as development occurs today and into the future.

In the development of the CTP, consideration shall be given to all transportation modes including: street systems; transit alternatives; and bicycle, pedestrian, and operating strategies. The current CTP Highway Map, as seen below, has been approved and adopted by the MPO and is now awaiting final adoption by the State Board of Transportation.

Currently, only the Highway Map of the CTP has been developed.  Other elements of the CTP will be developed at a future time.

CTP Highway Map; Inset A; Inset B and C, Spreadsheet of Projects

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Active Transportation Master Plan (ATP)

The Greenville Urban Area MPO’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan has been updated. The Final Plan, now titled the Greenville Urban Area Active Transportation Master Plan, or ATP, can be viewed by clicking here. 

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

The 2011 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan is available here. This plan is available for reference and historical purposes only as it has been replaced by the Active Transportation Master Plan contained above.

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Annual Obligations Listing of Federally-Funded Projects

A list of projects for which Federal funds have been obligated can be found by clicking here. Descriptions for these projects can be found on NCDOT's State Transportation Improvement website by clicking here.

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Below is a list of projects currently under construction or planned for construction within the MPO.

Under Construction

Greenville: Southwest Bypass Project (NCDOT STIP Number U-2250)

Greenville: Tenth Street Connector Project (NCDOT STIP Number U-3315)

Winterville: Boyd Street Improvements (NCDOT STIP Number U-5919)

Winterville: Laurie Ellis Road Extension (NCDOT STIP Number U-5921)

Projects in Development

Greenville: Dickinson Avenue Improvements (NCDOT STIP Number U-5606)

Greenville: 14th Street Widening (NCDOT STIP Number U-5917)

Greenville: Allen Road Widening (NCDOT STIP Number U-5875)

Greenville: Evans Street/Old Tar Road Widening (NCDOT STIP Number U-2817)

Greenville: Fire Tower Road and Portertown Road Widening (NCDOT STIP Numbers U-5870; U-5785)

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Transportation Priorities (State Prioritization) 

Transportation priorities are transportation needs projects identified by citizens, elected officials, MPO staff, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Priorities can be identified across several different modes of transportation: Aviation, Bicycle &Pedestrian, Highway, Ferry, Public Transportation and Rail.  Projects identified as priorities typically are entered into the State Prioritization program every 2 to 3 years to receive potential Federal funding. Prioritization ranks projects across the state based on several criteria such as safety, congestion, cost-benefit and more.  Projects that are funded are programmed into the State Transportation Improvement Program, or STIP. The STIP schedules projects for right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation and construction across a 10-year period. The next prioritization cycle, P5.0, is under way and will run until the 2020-2029 STIP in adopted by the State.

The Greenville Urban Area MPO’s adopted list of candidate Transportation Improvements Projects can be viewed by clicking here.

A map of the candidate Highway Projects can be viewed by clicking here.

A map of the candidate Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects can be viewed by clicking here.

The Greenville Urban Area MPO is required to adopt a local methodology to guide the MPO's process of prioritizing projects. This methodology must contain at least one qualitative and one quantitative criteria. The Greenville Urban Area MPO's local methodology for Prioritization 5.0 can bee seen by clicking here. 

On April 3, 2018 NCDOT released the Prioritization 5.0 Quantitative Scoring for all projects submitted in P5.0. Scores for the Greenville Urban Area MPO's Statewide, Regional and Division level projects can be viewed here (listed in order of submission).

Pursuant to the local methodology above, adopted by the Greenville Urban Area MPO's Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) on February 27, 2018, the Greenville Urban Area MPO assigned Regional Impact Local Input Points to eligible Prioritization 5.0 Projects on April 18, 2018, as shown here.

Pursuant to the local methodology above, adopted by the Greenville Urban Area MPO's Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) on February 27, 2018, the Greenville Urban Area MPO has assigned Division Needs Local Input Points to eligible Prioritization 5.0 Projects on October 10, 2018, as shown here.

                              Prioritization Timeline

Milestone Dates*
Public comment period July 31-Aug. 31, 2017
Projects submitted for evaluation July 5-Sept. 29, 2017
Draft statewide-level project list released April 3, 2018
Public comment period April 2018- July 2018
Draft regional-level project list released End of August 2018
Public comment period September 2018 -October 2018
Draft 2020-2029 Statewide
Transportation Improvement
Program released
January 2019
Draft STIP public comment period Spring 2019
2020-2029 STIP approved June-July 2019

Future dates are preliminary and subject to change

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Additional Studies and Plans

Historical Studies and Plans

You can view the Greenville Urban Area Thoroughfare Plan by clicking here.  This plan is available for reference and historical purposes only as it was replaced by the Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

You can read about the Traffic Separation Study and Rail Improvements Study by clicking here. This plan is available for reference and historical purposes as the improvements recommended within this study have been completed.

For reference and historical purposes the 2016-2025 MTIP is available by clicking here.The 2016-2025 MTIP was replaced by the 2018-2027 MTIP as shown above. 

Feasibility Studies

FS-1002B: Greenville Boulevard Improvements Feasibility Study

FS-1602A: Arlington Boulevard Improvements Feasibility Study

Special Studies and Plans

Tar River Pedestrian Bridge Study

Southwest Bypass Corridor Study


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MPO Organizational Chart

Greenville Urban Area MPO Organizational Chart

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TCC and TAC Agendas




Request for Proposals

None at this time. 

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Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

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