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Swim Lessons

Our instructors are trained to help any student regardless of age or ability to learn to be safe in and around the water.  Whether you are 6 months or 99 years old, if you are terrified of water or have Olympic dreams we want to help you to the best swimmer you can be. Not sure what class is right for you or your child? Give us a call for more information or to schedule a placement test. 252-329-4041
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Check out our online registration for upcoming classes. 

Register ONLINE or at any Greenville Recreation facility. 


Summer Swim Lessons

Learn to swim at our outdoor Community Pool or inside at the Greenville Aquatic & Fitness Center. Safety is our number one priority and we want everyone to learn to swim. Did you know drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children. The best way to prevent drowning is to learn to swim and to be aware of water safety. Includes intermediate skill levels and relaces FUNdamental classes during Summer season.  Classes are divided by age and ability.

Ages 5-16


Guppy (Formerly Water Bugs & Aqua Tots)


Ages:5 Years & Under

Guppy introduces children and parents to the aquatic environment.       

Guppy I        Parents are taught proper entries, holding techniques, and the importance of playing with their children in the water during formative years. Babies in diapers must wear rubber pants over their diapers or “Little Swimmer” speciality diapers. Parents are in the water with the child the entire class.

Guppy II       Still focused on safety, this class also helps students learn to become more independent in the water... Classes will start with parents in the water until swimmers and parents are comfortable with parents transitioning out of the water.

Guppy III      In this class we emphasize safety through daily safety topics, floatation and kicking. Classes will also begin to learn basic swim mechanics to be able to move independently in the water. Small classes are emphasized so participants have ample practice time and instructor attention.

Guppy Tot Time      Playtime in the water for you and your little one. Grandparents and other caregivers welcome. Toys provided. The purpose is to allow children to acclimate to the water through play in preparation for or in conjunction with formal swim lessons. One adult per child. This is not an instructed course. Purchasing a “10 Card” allows you to take 10 sessions at any time over an 18-week period from the date you purchase the card.


Jellyfish - Beginner (Formerly Fundamentals)


Ages: 6-16

Swimmers are taught freestyle, elementary backstroke, jumping, underwater skills, directional changes, treading water and daily safety topics. The goal at this level is to be able to pass the American Red Cross Water Safety Sequence and prepare to continue in competitive swimming if desired. Will include what was previously Dolphin lane 1. No entry requirements.


Dolphins - Intermediate

Ages: 6-16

Participants are taught endurance, stroke development and safety. This level is intended for those wishing to pursue competitive swimming or swimming for fitness. Swimmers should be able to swim 25 yards proficient freestyle and elementary backstroke.


Sharks - Advanced

Ages: 6-18

Designed for advanced swimmers, Sharks focuses on technique and endurance to prepare for competitive swimming or swimming for fitness. Entry Requirements: 100 yards freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, 50 yards butterfly.


Tang Teen Club

Ages 12–18

This program is intended for teens to have fun while staying active starting September 12. Swimming, water sports and games will help teens to be fit for life. Purchasing a “10 Card” allows you to take 10 sessions at any time over an 18-week period from the date you purchase the card.


Home School Group

Ages 5–18Picture

Socialize with other home school students in the pool starting August 27th. Recreational activities and swim for fitness workouts provided. This is not an instructed course. Purchasing a “10 Card” allows you to take 10 sessions at any time over an 18-week period from the date you purchase the card.




Adaptive Aquatics

Ages 6 & Up

All ages and abilities welcome to participate in our adaptive swim program. Let us help you to be able to enjoy the benefits of the pool in a way that best suits your needs.


Beginning Swim Lessons in Spanish

Ages 6 & Up

Beginning swim lessons taught in Spanish. The purpose of this course is for swimmers to be safe in and around water. The goal is to be able to swim 25 yards freestyle or breaststroke, exit/enter the water independently and learn water safety.


Adult Swim


Beginner Instructors teach basic skills in a logical progress emphasized to help swimmers meet goals. No entry requirement.

Intermediate Stroke development and increased endurance. This course is intended to help swimmers learn skills to enjoy aquatic activities. Should be able to swim 25 yards freestyle to and tread 30 seconds to start.

Advanced Participants train with a coach to improve endurance, stroke technique and efficiency. Intended for competitive swimming or swimming   for fitness. Should be able to swim 100 yards freestyle and swim 50 yards one additional stroke; back, breast or butterfly.

Ages: 16+


Private Swim Lessons

There are many reasons why Private Swim Lessons may be best for you or your child: hectic schedule, skill plateau, upcoming events, or just the preference for one-on-one instruction. Whatever the reason, our Swim Instructors can set up an efficient and comfortable plan for you.

Location: Aquatics & Fitness Center
Ages: All ages
Days, Times, Dates: By appointment. Call 329-4041.

Online Registration
Online Registration
Online Registration
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