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Town Common Master Plan

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Town Common Park and Project Overview

The Town Common Master Plan was created with resident involvement and input to have specific strategies that will ensure this unique facility achieves its full potential as an integrated gathering for Greenville's citizens, while preserving green-space for future generations in the best tradition of park stewardship.

Town Common is strategically located park land in the City of Greenville; the park is situated between the City of Greenville’s urban core, and the Tar River. The functions as a gathering place for all of its citizens, and as a heavily used event park, hosting a large number of city-wide functions during the spring, summer and fall. However, it does not meet its full potential as an event venue, or as an informal gathering place for local neighborhoods or uptown users. Consequently, the city has determined that we need to ascertain how Town Common can more fully integrate into the greater Greenville Community. As a result, the city has funded a master plan process for the Town Common Park.

City staff from the Community Development and Recreation and Parks Departments assembled as joint venture project team, with the project goal in mind – to develop specific strategies as to how the park can achieve its potential as an urban uptown focal point in the community. To facilitate this effort, City staff hosted two public input sessions that collected significant input from interested citizens. The public input sessions were designed to identify both specific concerns with the park as it currently functions, while gaining insight into the vision and priorities of our citizens. The intent was to build on the input to develop specific strategies that reflect this vision, and establish specific project phases that can guide future park re-development.