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Abandoned and Junked Vehicles. Greenville has an ordinance which prohibits the abandonment of vehicles on public and private property. To report an abandoned/junked vehicle located on a street, call the Police Department at 252.329.4110. To report a vehicle on private property, call the Code Enforcement Division at (252) 329-4300. If in violation of the ordinance, the vehicle will be tagged and moved within a designated length of time.

Address Verification/House Numbers. House numbers are assigned by the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department. To verify an address, call (252) 329-4479.

Adopt-A-City-Street Program. Groups are encouraged to adopt at least one mile of a major street or thoroughfare to be cleaned up once per calendar quarter. The Public Works Department provides trash bags and safety vests. Interested groups must complete an application and submit it to the Public Works Department at 1500 Beatty Street. For more information, call (252) 329-4821.

Affordable Housing. This program involves construction of homes and the rehabilitation/resale of existing homes. The new homes are attractive, are energy efficient, and offer the buyer similar options as market built homes. For more information, call the Housing Division of the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4481.

Airport. American Airlines offers flights in and out of the Pitt-Greenville Airport each day. The airport, located off North Memorial Drive on Airport Road, is managed, operated, and maintained by the Pitt-Greenville Airport Authority. Call (252) 902-9025.

Animal Protective Services/Animal Shelter. Animal Protective Services, a division of the Police Department, handles licensing and control of animals, answers complaints and calls related to animals (tame and wild), and enforces the City’s Animal Control Ordinance. The Pitt County Animal Shelter is located on County Home Road. (See also Leash Law and Licenses.) For more information, please call the Pitt County Animal Shelter at (252) 902-1725 or the Greenville Police Department Animal Protective Services Division at 252.329.4387. For services and/or concerns after 5 p.m., please call the Greenville Police Department at (252) 329.3937.

Aquatics and Fitness Center. The Recreation and Parks Department operates the Greenville Aquatics and Fitness Center at 921 Staton Boulevard. The Center has an indoor pool, aerobic/toning classes, a gymnasium, free weights, children’s programs, a supervised nursery, fitness evaluations, locker/shower facilities, stair climbers, treadmill, lifecycles, indoor walking/jogging, massage therapists, swimming lessons, aqua-aerobics, water sports, and wellness programs. A reasonable membership fee is required. Call (252) 329-4041.

Arborist. The City has an Arborist on staff to enforce the regulations regarding trees, administer the City's urban landscape program, and advise citizens about proper tree and shrub care. For more information, call the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4531.

Art Centers. The Greenville Museum of Art, located at 802 South Evans Street, offers changing visual arts exhibits and art classes; for more information call (252) 758-1946. East Carolina University operates the Gray Art Gallery in the Jenkins Fine Arts Building on the ECU campus; for more information call (252) 328-6336.

Arts and Crafts Programs. The Recreation and Parks Department sponsors programs for youth and adults. Adult arts and crafts programs are held at Jaycee Park (252) 329-4546 on Cedar Lane and South Greenville Recreation Center (252) 329-4542 on Howell Street. Classes are offered in weaving, basketry, painting, stained glass, drawing, and quilting. Call (252) 329-4567 for more information.

Assistance for Disabled Persons. Disabled citizens requiring special accommodations in access to City facilities, programs, meeting participation, or other City services should call (252) 329-4494 for more information.

Athletic Programs. The Recreation and Parks Department sponsors a variety of athletic programs for youth and adults. Youth programs include flag football, soccer, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, softball, and tennis. Programs for adults include volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, and tennis. Call (252) 329-4550 for more information.

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"Bicycle" Auction. The "bicycle auction" was formerly an annual auction of recovered and unclaimed property (except firearms) held by the Police Department.  It typically featured numerous bicycles, which is why it became known as the "bicycle auction."  That type of auction has been replaced by a continual online auction conducted by, which handles the sale of recovered and unclaimed property for the Police Department.  For details, visit

Blood Drives.  The City sponsors six blood drives each year for the American Red Cross. Employees and citizens are encouraged to "give the gift of life" by donating during these drives.  For more information, contact Barbara Avery at (252) 329-4569.

Bradford Creek Public Golf Course.  See Golf Course or call (252) 329-4653 for more information.

Boards and Commissions.  All boards and commissions consist of citizen volunteers who are appointed to serve specific terms. The City Clerk's Office maintains a Talent Bank of applications from citizens who have expressed an interest in serving on a board or commission. For additional information or a Talent Bank application, call the City Clerk's Office at (252) 329-4420.

Building Inspections.  Inspections are required after obtaining building, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical permits. To schedule an inspection, call the Inspections Division of the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4466.

Building Permits. Building permits are required to erect, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish, or repair a structure within the City and its ETJ. Permit fees vary according to the type of construction. Call the Inspections Division of the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4466. Fax number is (252) 329-4424.

Buildings and Grounds Division.  This division of the Public Works Department is responsible for tree planting, trimming, and removal; grass cutting, City beautification projects; and maintenance of City buildings and grounds. Call (252) 329-4531 for more information.

Burning Trash.  Burning of trash (including leaves) within the City limits is prohibited by law.

Bus Service.  Greenville Area Transit (GREAT) is a public bus system owned by the City of Greenville and operated by the Transit Division of the Public Works Department.  Service is provided on six fixed routes six days a week from 6:25 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays and from 9:25 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays.  In addition, there is service to Pitt Community College from 7:50 a.m. to 4:50 p.m. on weekdays. Buses do not run on Sundays or certain City holidays. The transit system also has a Bikes-2-Bus service which allows bicyclists to place their bicycles on the rack attached to the front of the bus and then ride the bus to their destination. There is no extra charge for this convenience. GREAT meets all ADA accessibility standards, and buses are designed to carry two wheelchairs. ADA paratransit service is provided as a complement to the regular bus routes for eligible individuals.  Click for a schedule and complete information, call (252) 329-4532.

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Cable TV.  The City of Greenville's Public Information Office operates a government access channel (GTV9) on cable channel 9.  You can find a great deal of information about the City government's programs, projects and events on this channel.  For more information about GTV9, please call (252) 329-4131.  The City council also provides funding for a public access channel on cable channel 23. To submit your programs to the public access channel, please contact them directly at (252) 439-2303.

The State has a franchise agreement with SuddenLink to provide cable service to the citizens of Greenville.  To report concerns about unresolved issues with your Cable TV service, call the North Carolina Attorney General's Office at (877) 566-7226 or fill out a complaint form online.

Calendar of City Meetings and Events.  A calendar of City meetings and events can be found on this website (  A calendar of festivals, art exhibits, performing arts events, and other cultural events is maintained by the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Call (252) 329-4200 for more information.

Cemeteries.  The City operates and maintains four City cemeteries: Brownhill, Cherry Hill, Greenwood, and Homestead.  For more information, contact the Public Works Building and Grounds Division at (252) 329-4688.

Chamber of Commerce.The Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce develops, encourages, promotes, and protects the commercial, financial, general business, and residential interests of the Pitt County and Greenville area. Chamber offices are located in the historic Fleming House at 302 South Greene Street. Call (252) 752-4101 for more information.

Citizen Concerns.  If you have a concern regarding City services, programs, or issues and are not sure which department to call, you may call the Citizen Action Line at (252) 329-CITY (2489).  You can also access the Citizen Action Line via this website at

Citizens' Police Academy.  As part of its community oriented policing philosophy, the Greenville Police Department implemented the Citizens' Police Academy.  This training program meets for two hours per week for ten consecutive weeks. Participants receive instruction/orientation in areas such as Public Affairs/Media Relations, Accreditation, Community Policing, Crime Prevention, Search and Seizure, Use of Force, Internal Affairs, Accident Investigation, DWI Enforcement, Training, Emergency Response Team, Firearm Safety, Narcotics/Vice, ID Training, General/Major Crimes, Domestic Violence, Victim Assistance, Communications, and Courtroom Procedures.  For more information, contact the Police Department at (252) 329-4158.

City Flower.  The City flower is the crepe myrtle. Citizens may donate to the City’s Beautification Fund to support landscape and beautification projects in the City.  For more information, call the Buildings and Grounds Division of the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4531.

City Page.  The City Page is an ad printed in the Monday edition of The Daily Reflector that advertises various items of interest such as meetings, programs, services, legal notices, etc., to keep residents of Greenville informed.  For more information, call the Public Information Office at (252) 329-4131.

Codes and Ordinances.  The codes and ordinances of the City are available for review on this website, at the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall, Sheppard Memorial Library, or ECU’s Joyner Library.  Call (252) 329-4422 for more information.

Code Enforcement (formerly Neighborhood Services). This division of the Community Development Department manages the enforcement of City ordinances as well as weeded lots, public nuisances, junked and/or abandoned vehicles, parking on unimproved surfaces, minimum housing standards, and three unrelated persons per residence.  For more information, call (252) 329-4110.

Collections Office. This office is a division of the Financial Services Department and serves as a centralized collection point of all money due the City (excluding taxes, which are collected by the Pitt County Tax Office (252) 902-3425.  The Collections Office is located on the first floor of City Hall, 200 West Fifth Street. For more information, call (252) 329-4450.

Community Appearance. The City makes great efforts to see that our community stays clean and attractive. For further information, see Building and Grounds Division, Code Enforcement, and the Community Appearance Commission. For more information, call (252) 329-4498.

Community Relations Office. The Community Relations Office, part of the Community Development Department, provides assistance regarding fair housing protection, affirmative action, equal employment opportunities, employment discrimination, tenant-landlord problems, American with Disabilities Act accommodations, and other citizen concerns. Call (252) 329-4494 for more information.

Community Shelter. The mission of the Community Crossroads Shelters is to assist in providing for the basic human needs of persons who are temporarily homeless. Guests are required to participate in programs designed to promote responsible, independent living. The shelter is located at 207 Manhattan Avenue. Call (252) 752-0829 for more information.

Community Watch Program. The Police Department sponsors and coordinates Community Watch neighborhood programs throughout the City. For more information on establishing a Community Watch group, call the Police Public Affairs/Crime Prevention Unit at (252) 329-4355.

Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan defines the City’s long-range plans for future development. It contains elements on land use, transportation, community facilities, urban design, and housing. If you would like to review a copy of the Comprehensive Plan, call the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4514.

Construction and Demolition Debris. The City of Greenville Sanitation crews will not collect any building, renovation or demolition debris from any residence created by a contractor, resident or property owner.  Please call the Pitt County Landfill at (252) 902-3350 for disposal options. 

Construction Plan Review. Residential and commercial construction plans must be reviewed by the Inspections Division of the Community Development Department. Call (252) 329-4466 for more information.

Containerized Refuse Service. Apartments and condominiums use large containers (instead of trash cans) for refuse disposal.  Call the Sanitation Division of Public Works at (252) 329-4522 for more information.

Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Greenville-Pitt County Convention and Visitors Bureau, located at 417 Cotanche Street, is the umbrella organization for the area's hospitality industry. The Bureau provides comprehensive services for conventions, meetings, events and tour planners, as well as for visitors to Greenville, Pitt County, and Eastern North Carolina. Call (252) 329-4200 for more information.

Convention Center. The Greenville Convention Center, located at 303 SW Greenville Boulevard, offers state-of-the-art meeting facilities, the latest audio/visual technology, a wide range of added features, and easy access to Greenville's business and medical districts. The Center offers meeting planners over 74,000 square feet of meeting space, 40,000 square feet of exhibit area, advanced audio-visual and technical amenities, as well as 330 hotel rooms with room service. Call (252) 321-7671 for more information.

Courts. The Pitt County Courthouse is located on the corner of Third and Evans Streets. For information about court cases, call the Pitt County Clerk of Court at (252) 695-7100.

Crime Prevention. The Police Department has 45 community oriented policing programs in place to assist and protect citizens of Greenville. For more information regarding crime prevention, contact the Crime Prevention Unit of the Police Department at (252) 329-4158.

Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers will pay a monetary reward for information, given anonymously, leading to the recovery of stolen property, narcotics, or an arrest in Pitt County. Funds for these rewards come from private donations. Call Crime Stoppers at (252) 758-7777.

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Demographic Information. An information packet is available from the Community Development Department. This packet includes basic statistical data, population projections, census information and a census tract map. Call (252) 329-4498 for more information.

Drainage. To report drainage problems, call the Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4530.

Driver's Licenses. The North Carolina Driver's License Office is located at 703 SE Greenville Boulevard. Call (252) 830-3456 for more information.

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Economic Development. Economic development programs are provided by the Greenville-ENC Alliance and by the Pitt County Development Commission.

Education.  The Pitt County Board of Education/School Administration Building is located at 1717 West Fifth Street ((252) 830-4200).  Pitt Community College is located on NC 11 south of Greenville ((252) 321-4200).  East Carolina University is a State-supported four-year university located in downtown Greenville ((252) 328-6131).

Elected Officials.  For information about the Greenville City Council, call (252) 329-4422.  For all other elected officials, call the Pitt County Board of Elections at (252) 902-3300.

Emergency Operations Plan/Preparedness. Greenville's Emergency Operations Plan is designed for use in all natural and man-made disasters or emergency situations. The purpose of the Plan is to prevent or lessen the effect of disasters and emergency situations on the people of Greenville. The Fire/Rescue Chief serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City.  For more information, call (252) 329-4404 or FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA.

Employment Opportunities. The Human Resources Department has information on job openings within the City government.  For a listing of all available positions, select the Employment tab at the top of the City's website at or call the Job Vacancy Line at (252) 329-4055.  The City is an equal opportunity employer.

Engineering Division. The Engineering Division provides copies of various maps (City map, topographic, flood plain, planimetric, etc.); reviews all subdivision and site plans; and administers the Thoroughfare Plan, Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, and Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance. For more information, call the Engineering Division at (252) 329-4467.

Environmental Concerns. Information on environmental concerns/issues is available in the Community Development Department. Call (252) 329-4510 for more information.

EqualEyes: Informed Public and Police Against Crime. This is a public awareness crime prevention effort that teaches personal safety and crime prevention tips. It encourages citizens to contact the Police Department to report suspicious people and activities before a crime occurs, to discuss citizen concerns or potential problems, and to request information on crime prevention measures by calling (252) 329-EYES (3937).

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Facade Improvement Grant Program. The City has set aside funds to help businesses in the city's Uptown area to renovate and refurbish the exteriors of their buildings. For more information or to apply for a grant, call (252) 329-4498.

Fair Housing Protection. See Community Relations Office or call (252) 329-4494 for more information.

Farm Animals. Keeping pigs, hogs, or cows in the city is prohibited. For more information, call Animal Control at (252) 329-4387.

Fingerprinting Services. If you need to be fingerprinted for adoption or for job-related purposes, please contact the Police Department at (252) 329-4317. Office hours for fingerprinting are Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM. There is a $15 fee.

Fire Prevention. Fire education programs are presented to groups or organizations by request through the Fire Prevention Bureau. A program specially designed to teach children fire safety techniques by using puppets and the Educational Clown Brigade is also available for presentation to groups and organizations. For more information, call the Life Safety Services Division at (252) 329-4408.

Firewood. When trees are removed from the City right-of-way, the trees are cut into firewood, which may be purchased from the Public Works Department. Money received from the sale of this firewood is used to purchase new trees and shrubs. Call (252) 329-4522 for more information.

Five Points Plaza. The parking lot at the corner of Evans and Fifth Streets is available for rent for events. Please contact Uptown Greenville at (252) 561-8400 for fees and other details of how to reserve the lot.  

Fourth of July Celebration. This community event sponsored by the Greenville Jaycees is held every year at the Town Common.  Local vendors, artists, and craftsmen display and sell food, beverages, arts and crafts, etc.  Various entertainment is also available for all to enjoy.  The evening ends with a dazzling display of fireworks for all to enjoy. For more information, call the Greenville Jaycees at (252) 931-2854.

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Garbage/Recyclable Collection.   The City of Greenville provides weekly garbage collection services to its residents.  When you activate a Greenville Utilities account for a residence within the Greenville City Limit, the garbage fee will be activated as well.  It starts at the backyard rate for single-family homes and the multi-family rate for residences with dumpsters.  For information or to report a problem, call the Sanitation Division of the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4522.

Golf Course.  The Recreation and Parks Department operates Bradford Creek Public Golf Course--a public, 18-hole golf course which stretches across 282 acres north of the Tar River just minutes from downtown.  Bradford Creek not only features a golf course, but also a lighted driving range and a clubhouse available for rental for various events . For more information, call (252) 329-4653.

GovDeals. The City of Greenville has selected GovDeals, a unique, state-of-the-art, online auction service for government surplus and confiscated properties, to conduct on-line sales of their surplus property.  Items for sale will be posted continuously on the web and can be accessed through the City's website at GovDeals.

Grants and Loans for Housing and Community Development. Financial assistance is available for some housing and community development projects including community revitalization efforts, economic development, and sub-standard housing renovations. For more information, call the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4487.

GREAT. Greenville Area Transit. Call (252) 329-4532 for more information.

Greenways. Greenways are linear parks that provide interconnected green spaces for biking, jogging, and walking. Greenville has a completed master plan for a citywide greenway system. The current greenway begins at the Greenville Town Common and winds its way through the university neighborhood along the Tar River before turning towards Green Springs Park where it becomes the Green Mill Run Greenway and meanders along the creek through Elm Street Park to College Hill on the East Carolina University campus. For more information, call (252) 329-4116.

GTV9. GTV9 is the City's government access channel.  It can be found on cable channel 9, and it promotes various items of interest such as City-sponsored events, meetings, policies, services,  City and Greenville Utilities job vacancies, etc. to keep the residents of Greenville informed.  This government access channel also broadcasts the meetings of the City Council and several boards and commissions.    For more information, call the Public Information Office at (252) 329-4131.

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Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat for Humanity seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action by building simple, decent houses in partnership with people in need. The Habitat for Humanity office is located at 402 West Tenth Street. Call (252) 758-2947.

Historic Preservation. The City has an active program of historic preservation with districts and many properties listed as historically significant on both the local and the national registers.  For more information, call the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4498.

Holiday Closings. City offices are closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, and two days for Christmas. There is no garbage or trash pick up on these days. City bus service does not operate on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Home Ownership. This program offers financial assistance in the form of grants and loans to help with down payment and/or closing costs on homes purchased in the Greenville City limits. For more information, call the Housing Division of the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4481.

Home Owner Repairs. The City has two home owner programs - the first one is just for elderly homeowners, and this assistance is in the form of a loan; the second program uses federal funds and is restricted to certain neighborhoods and this assistance can be part grant and part loan. For more information, call the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4505.

Hospital.   ECU Health, formerly Vidant Health, is a private, not-for-profit regional referral center. It is part of the University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina. The hospital is located on Stantonsburg Road. For more information, call (252) 816-4100.

Housing. The Community Development Housing Division administers and monitors programs to assist low and moderate-income citizens, including federal CDBG and HOME programs and local affordable housing initiatives.

Housing Authority. The Greenville Housing Authority owns and manages 714 low-rent housing units located in seven projects throughout the city, including a 60-unit mid-rise for elderly citizens. The Authority also owns, manages, or administers 613 "Section 8" units. For additional information, call (252) 329-4000.

Housing Code. Housing units in the city must be fit for human habitation as outlined in the Minimum (Model) Housing Code. For assistance in determining if a residence meets the minimum requirements or to report substandard housing, call the Code Enforcement Division of the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4110.

Human and Community Relations Office.  The Human Relations office, part of the Community Development Department, provides assistance regarding fair housing protection, affirmative action, equal employment opportunities, employment discrimination, tenant-landlord problems, American with Disabilities Act accommodations, and other citizen concerns. Call (252) 329-4494 for more information.

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Inclusive Communities Initiative.  The City has long tried to be inclusive of all people regardless of race, socioeconomic status, nationality, physical ability, and so forth.  The City Council voted in 2007 to join communities across the nation and become part of the National League of Cities' Inclusive Communities Initiative.  For more information, call the Human Relations Officer at (252) 329-4494. 

Inspections Division. The Inspections Division of the Community Development Department handles permits, construction inspections, and plan review. For more information, call (252) 329-4466.

International Festival. This annual event features international costumes, music, dance, fine arts exhibits, foods, and educational displays with a global theme.  Come to this annual springtime event at the Town Common.  It has merged with other festivals to become PirateFest.

Itinerant Merchants License. Transient or itinerant merchants or vendors who would like to sell their merchandise within the City must first obtain a license. Call the Police Department at (252) 329-4320.

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Job Vacancy Line.  The Human Resources Department maintains a Job Vacancy Line which is accessible 24 hours a day. The Job Vacancy Line is a recorded message indicating the current job vacancies available with the City of Greenville and information about how to apply for vacancies. For more information, call (252) 329-4055 or click on the Employment tab on the City of Greenville website at 

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Keep Greenville Beautiful.  Keep Greenville Beautiful, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and was accepted as part of the Keep America Beautiful, Inc. system in 2007.  The key component of the organization is to keep our community litter-free with efforts ranging from graffiti elimination to increased recycling.  Emphasis is placed on raising public awareness through public education.  For more information, call (252) 329-4048.

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Landfill. Pitt County operates several landfill facilities for Greenville and County residents. Call 252-902-3350 for the waste and recycling collection site nearest you. The City and County urge all residents to recycle and save space in the landfills. For recycling information, call (252) 902-3353.

Leaf Collection. Leaves are collected loose at the curbside during the months of November through March with vacuum machines (do not bag leaves). For more information, contact the Sanitation Division of the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4522.

Leash Law. The City of Greenville has a 24-hour leash law. Every person owning or keeping a dog must keep it on his/her premises. Dogs are permitted off the owner’s property if the dog is on a leash or is under some other means of physical control. Dogs found running at large will be picked up and taken to the Pitt County Animal Shelter on County Home Road. Owners will be cited and fined for these violations (See also Animal Protective Services). To report a dog running at large or other animal problems, call (252) 329-4387 or (252) 329-4315.

Legal Aid Services.  Legal Aid of North Carolina Inc. (formerly Pamlico Sound Legal Services), located at 301 South Evans Street, Suite 200, provides free legal services for qualified low-income residents in cases involving civil matters. For further information, please call (252) 758-0113.

Libraries.  Sheppard Memorial Library and its branches serve the citizens of Greenville and Pitt County. The main branch is located at 530 South Evans Street, Greenville; the Carver Branch is at 618 West 14th Street, Greenville; the East Branch is housed in the Recreation/Library Center at Jaycee Park, 2000 Cedar Lane, Greenville; the Bethel Branch is located at 201 Ives Street, Bethel; and the Winterville Branch is at the corner of Railroad and Main Streets, Winterville. For information about library services and activities, call (252) 329-4580; Children's Library, (252) 329-4581; Carver Branch, (252) 329-4583; East Branch, (252) 329-4582; Bethel Branch, (252) 825-0782; Winterville Branch, (252) 756.7186.

Licenses. (See Beer and Wine License, Bicycle Registration, Business License, Dog License, "Going Out of Business" Sale License, or Itinerant Merchants License.)

License Plates, State. To get a new license plate, go to the local office of the NC License Plate Agency located at 2462 Stantonsburg Road. For more information, call (252) 756-5099.

Litter and Debris Control. To report a litter problem on City streets or public property, call the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4522.  To report unsightly and hazardous debris on private property, call the Code Enforcement Division of the Police Department at (252) 329-4300.

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Maps. Large blue-print maps of the city may be purchased from the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department. Call (252) 329-4467. Maps of City recreation and park facilities are available from the Recreation and Parks Department. For more information, call (252) 329-4567. Zoning and Land Use maps are available from the Community Development Department call (252) 329-4498. Street maps of the city are available for sale through the Chamber of Commerce; call (252) 752-4101 for more information.

Interactive online mapping is available here.

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The MPO is comprised of representatives from Greenville, Ayden, Simpson, Winterville, Pitt County, NCDOT, and the Mid-East Commission. This organization is responsible for coordinating transportation-related planning for the Greenville Urban Area. This includes highways, bridges, railroad crossings, bikeways, public transportation, and enhancement projects. The City of Greenville is the Lead Planning Agency and coordinates the activities of the Metropolitan Planning Organization. For more information, call the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4476.

Minority and/or Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Program. The M/WBE program for the City of Greenville and Greenville Utilities Commission is administered by the Financial Services Department. The program provides technical assistance to minority and women businesses in facilitating their participation in construction projects, purchasing, and professional and personal service contracts with the two organizations. Call (252) 329-4862 for more information.

Mobile Home Permits. Mobile home permits are required for placement of any mobile home in the city and within the one-mile zoning area of City. Call the Inspections Division of the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4466.

Mosquito Control. The Public Works Department will occasionally spray for mosquitoes during the summer months. To request this service or for more information, call (252) 329-4522.

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Noise Control. The City has a noise ordinance regulation for allowable noise levels in the city. This ordinance prohibits any outdoor amplified sound without a permit. Violators will be fined. To obtain a permit or to report a noise problem, call the Police Department at (252) 329-4315.

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Parade Permits. Any group wishing to parade within the city must apply for a permit at least five working days prior to the parade date. Call the Records Section of the Police Department at (252) 329-4328.

Parking Garage. The Fourth Street Parking Garage at the corner of Fourth and Cotanche Streets offers two-hour parking on the bottom two floors and leased parking on the top two floors.  For leased parking information, call (252) 329-4448.

Parking Tickets. Two-hour free parking is available in the downtown business district (a limited number of 30-minute parking spaces are available). If you park over the allowable limit, you will receive a parking ticket. You will also be ticketed if you park left to curb, in a loading zone, or blocking a driveway or fire hydrant, etc. Fines may be paid by mail, online at the City's website, and at the first-floor window in City Hall. There is a penalty for failing to pay within 10 days after receiving the ticket. An additional penalty is added if not paid within 30 days. Call the Police Department at (252) 329-4315 or the Financial Services Department at (252) 329-4450.

Parks. The Recreation and Parks Department operates more than 20 parks. City parks include picnic shelters, gymnasiums, playing fields, playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts, exercise trails, baseball and softball diamonds, an outdoor swimming pool, walking paths, fishing ponds, nature trails, a lawn games area, a disc golf course, an off-leash dog area, and a golf course. For a listing and locations of parks, see the Recreation and Parks Facilities Section, or for more information, call (252) 329-4567.

Passports. Anyone looking to obtain a passport may do so at the Greenville MPO office located at 300 W. 2nd Street. The usual waiting time for a passport is four to eight weeks.

Permits. (See Building Permits, Mobile Home Permits, Inspections Division.) For information about other permits, including electrical permits, mechanical permits, and plumbing permits, call the Inspections Division of the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4466.  For more information about permits for pyrotechnics, fireworks, open burning and bonfires, call Greenville Fire/Rescue at (252) 329-4415.

Picnic Shelters. The Recreation and Parks Department maintains picnic shelters in several City parks. These shelters are available for use by citizens. To reserve a picnic shelter, call (252) 329-4567.

Pitt County. Pitt County Administrative Offices are located at 1717 West Fifth Street. The number for the County Manager's Office is (252) 902-2950.

Planning Division. Land development, long-range planning and zoning matters are handled by the Planning Division of the Community Development Department.  (See also Comprehensive Plan, Greenways, Zoning, Demographic Information, and Sign Ordinance)  Call (252) 329-4498 for more information.

Police Reports. A copy of a police report may be obtained from the Records Section of the Police Department for a small fee.  Call (252) 329-4325 for more information.

Post Office. The US Postal Service maintains three offices within the City Limits of Greenville. The Main Post Office is located at 300 West Second Street, (252) 752-2153. The Carrier Annex is located at 2728 South Memorial Drive, (252) 321-2291. The ECU Post Office is located at 806 East Tenth Street across from the campus of East Carolina University, (252) 758-2988.

Public Comment. The City Council provides a public comment period during each regular City Council meeting allowing citizens to speak up to three minutes on issues that are not the subject of a public hearing at that meeting or another meeting during the same week.  The public comment period will not exceed thirty (30) minutes.  For more information, call the City Clerk's Office at (252) 329-4422.

Public Information Office. The Public Information Office is part of the City Manager’s Office and is responsible for this website, managing the City's brand, the Citizens' Academy, the Government Access Channel (GTV9), media relations, and the publication of a variety of City brochures and newsletters. For more information, call (252) 329-2489.

Puppet Show. The Fire/Rescue Department has a puppet show which teaches children fire safety techniques. Call the Greenville Fire Prevention Bureau at (252) 329-4408.

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Rabies Vaccinations. All dogs and cats are required by state law to be vaccinated against rabies. Dogs in the City limits must wear their rabies tag at all times. Owners will be fined if found to be in violation of this law. Call your veterinarian or call the Pitt County Animal Shelter at (252) 902-1725.

Recreation Centers/Facilities. The Recreation and Parks Department operates several recreation centers — Bradford Creek Public Golf Course, Greenville Aquatics & Fitness Center, River Birch Tennis Center, the Jaycee Park Recreation - Library Complex, C.M. Eppes Recreation Center, South Greenville Recreation Center, and Elm Street Gym/Center. Program information is available. Call (252) 329-4567 for more information.

Recycling. The City of Greenville and Pitt County encourage all citizens to recycle cardboard, newspapers, magazines, glass, plastic bottles, aluminum and bi-metal drink cans, and steel food cans. For a brochure with a list of tips and recycling sites, call the Sanitation Division of the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4522.

Rescue Services. The Fire/Rescue Department provides emergency assistance and transport of victims of accidents and sudden illness. For emergency rescue service, dial 911 or for billing inquires, call (252) 329-4449.

River Park North. This 360-acre park offers nature trails, picnicking, fishing, camping, pedal boating, canoeing, and various programs and events. The Park, which includes the Walter Stasavich Science and Nature Center, is located north of the Tar River on Mumford Road. Call (252) 329-4560 for more information.

Rollout Carts. The City of Greenville Public Works Department sells City rollout carts in order for citizens to switch to curbside garbage service.  For more information, call the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4522.

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Sanitation Division. The Sanitation Division provides the basic services of refuse, recycling, and leaf collection, as well as mosquito and rodent control. Refuse and recycling collection is provided once weekly.  Yard and household trash is picked up at curbside once a week. For more information, please call (252) 329-4522.

Services for the Disabled. To find out what services are available for disabled citizens in Greenville, call the Independent Living Program at (252) 830-3471.

Sidewalks. Requests for new sidewalks or repairs to existing sidewalks can be made by calling the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4467.

Sign Ordinance. In order to make the City more aesthetically pleasing and reduce distractions and potential hazards, the City enacted the Sign Ordinance in 1986. The ordinance regulates the size and placement of signs in the City. Permits are required before the installation of any permanent or temporary sign. Discuss the proposed sign with the Planning and Development Services Department before investing time or money by calling (252) 329-4507.

Skateboard/In Line Skating Park. This skating area is located at Jaycee Park. Call (252) 329-4567 for more information.

Small Business Programs. For more information, contact the Planning and Development Services Department at (252) 329-4502.

Smoke Detector Program. The Fire Rescue Department has a number of programs that are designed to install smoke detection devices in homes of Greenville residents who cannot afford one at no cost to the resident.  Call (252) 329-4408 for more information.

Social Security. The Social Security Administration maintains an office in Greenville at 2805 Charles Boulevard. For more information, call (252) 758-1634.

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control. There are regulations controlling activities during the development of private property so there is no damage to the land and watercourses downstream of the development. If you need to report soil erosion or sedimentation problems, call the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4467.

Solicitation Permits. For information about Solicitation Permits, call the Records Section of the Police Department at (252) 329-4328.

Special Events. The City of Greenville has a new and evolving focus on economic development that is coupled with a variety of public resources, which lend themselves to use for special events. The success of community events is dependent on the coordination of resources between the City and other public/private organizers. Click here to view the Special Events Planning Guide.

Special Olympics. Greenville and Pitt County provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic style sports for children and adults with mental retardation. For more information, call the Recreation and Parks Department at (252) 329-4541.

Spring Clean-Up. The City sponsors the Spring Clean-Up each year. The purpose is to encourage groups/individuals to volunteer to clean up public rights-of-way and private lots of disabled persons. The citywide clean-up runs for one week during the last week of March or first week of April. For more information, contact the Code Enforcement Division at (252) 329-4364.

State-Maintained Roads. The North Carolina Department of Transportation maintains the State highway system. If you need to report a problem concerning highways or other State-maintained roads in Greenville, call (252) 830-3490.

Stormwater Utility. The Stormwater Utility is based upon the amount of impervious cover (hard surface) on a property.  Revenue generated by the stormwater utility is used to administer the City's Stormwater Management Program.  For more information about the Stormwater Utility, call (252) 329-4688.

Street Closing Permits. For information about Street Closing Permits, call the Records Section of the Police Department at (252) 329-4328.

Street Cuts. Utilities, contractors, and other agencies needing to cut into the City street system should call the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4530 for a street cut permit.

Street Lights. Requests for placement of street lights on City streets should be made to the City Engineer in the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4525. To request repair of existing street lights, call Greenville Utilities Commission at (252) 551-1567.

Street Locations. The Public Works Department can provide information on the location of City streets. Call (252) 329-4467 for more information.

Street Maintenance. The Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for constructing, repairing, and maintaining the streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and storm drainage. Call (252) 329-4530 for more information.

Street Sweeping. Weather permitting, all City streets with curbs and gutters are swept twice a month; downtown streets are swept six days a week. Call (252) 329-4530 for more information.

Sunday in the Park. Sunday in the Park is a free concert series held on Sundays during the summer months. The concerts begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Greenville Toyota Amphitheater on the Town Common and are open to the public. Call the Recreation and Parks Department at (252) 329-4567.

Surplus Vehicles and Equipment. Surplus items previously auctioned once a year by the City are now made available for auction as they are declared surplus.  Surplus vehicles are disposed of at public auctions hosted by Greenville Auto Auction, located at 4330 Dickinson Avenue.  Auctions are generally held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 10:30 AM.  An advertisement containing the list of surplus vehicles to be sold is posted to the City's webpage at least 10 days prior to the date of auction.  The public is welcome to attend and bid on the City's vehicles.  For more information, call Greenville Auto Auction at 1-800-650-2886 or (252) 355-4111.

The City uses an online auction services,, to dispose of other miscellaneous types of property and equipment.  Call the Purchasing Division of the Financial Services Department at (252) 329-4462 or check out the GovDeals website at

Swimming Pools. An outdoor public swimming pool located on Myrtle Avenue is operated by the Recreation and Parks Department during the summer months. An indoor swimming pool is available for members of the Greenville Aquatics and Fitness Center. For more information, call (252) 329-4041.

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Talent Bank. The City of Greenville invites citizens to get involved by applying to serve on one of the 21 Boards or Commissions. Anyone who is interested can call the City Clerk’s Office at (252) 329-4420 for more information.

Taxes. As of July 1, 1991, all City property taxes are collected by Pitt County. This is a City-County cooperative effort which consolidates resources and saves tax dollars. For more information, call the Pitt County Tax Office at (252) 902-3425.

Tennis Courts. The Recreation and Parks Department maintains and operates 24 tennis courts. Elm Street Park, Foreman Park, Jaycee Park, and Evans Park have lighted tennis courts. There are also eight courts at River Birch Tennis Center which are not lighted. River Birch courts may be reserved by calling (252) 329-4559. All other courts are operated on a "first come, first served" basis. For information on tennis programs, call (252) 329-4559.

Thoroughfare Plan. The Thoroughfare Plan identifies existing and future streets in the City and its planning area. This public document is the long-range plan for efficient traffic movement. Call the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4467.

Tours. Groups of 10 or more people may arrange to have a guided tour of City Hall, the Police Department, and the Fire/Rescue Department. Call the Public Information Office at (252) 329-4432.

Towed Vehicles. If your car has been towed for illegal parking, go to the Police Department to sign the vehicle tow report. You will then be able to retrieve your car from the tow truck operator’s containment area. Call (252) 329-4315 for more information.

Traffic Accident Report. If you have had a traffic accident which was investigated by the Police Department and need a copy of the accident report, you may obtain a copy by coming to the Police Department and paying a small fee. The report will not be available until 24 hours after the accident. Call the Police Records Section at (252) 329-4325.

Traffic Calming. The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for evaluating and installing traffic calming measures in neighborhoods. Contact the Engineering Division for more information at (252) 329-4467.

Traffic Services Division. This division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic control signs, street name signs, pavement markings, and traffic signals at intersections. To report a damaged or missing sign, call (252) 329-4522 (after office hours, call the Police Department at (252) 329-4315).

Trash Collection. The City of Greenville provides weekly garbage collection services to its residents.  When you activate a Greenville Utilities account for a residence within the Greenville City Limit, the garbage fee will be activated as well.  It starts at the backyard rate for single-family homes and the multi-family rate for residences with dumpsters.  For information or to report a problem, call the Sanitation Division of the Public Works Department at (252) 329-4522.

Tree Team. The City has established a team of staff members to handle tree issues. The team is available to assist in planning green spaces in housing or commercial developments and parking lots. For more information, call (252) 329-4531.

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Underground Tanks. For information on installation, removal, abandonment, and re-piping of underground tank permits, call the Greenville Fire Prevention Bureau at (252) 329-4390.

United Way. The United Way of Pitt County is a non-profit organization which provides financial, volunteer, and management support to 32 local human care agencies. For more information about these agencies and the services they offer, call (252) 758-1604.

Utility Services. Water, sewer, electricity, and natural gas services are provided by Greenville Utilities Commission, located at 401 South Greene Street. For information about services or bills, call (252) 752-7166. For information about gas repairs, call (252) 830-2317.

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Vacation House Check Program. The Police Department will check on your house for you while you are away on vacation. Call (252) 329-4315 for more information.

Vehicle Tax. Each motor vehicle registered by the State of NC and residents in the City of Greenville on January 1 of each year is subject to an annual motor vehicle tax of $20.

Volunteer Opportunities. The City of Greenville offers numerous opportunities for individuals interested in volunteering. The City also includes multiple organizations that welcome volunteer assistance. Click here to view some of the opportunities available.

Voter Registration. Elections for the City of Greenville are supervised by the Pitt County Board of Elections. To register to vote or get more information, visit the Board of Elections at 1717 West Fifth Street or call (252) 902-3300.

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Weeds and Vegetation Control. Property owners in the City must cut and remove grass/weeds on their property before it reaches a height of 12". If the owner fails to cut and maintain the lots after notification, the City will have the lot cut and the cost of the cutting will be charged to the owner. To report an overgrown lot, call the Community Development Department's Code Enforcement Division at (252) 329-4110.

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Zoning. The City’s zoning regulations control the location, size, height, setback, landscaping, and signage for all land uses and structures within the City’s jurisdiction. To request rezoning of your property, you must fill out an application. Your request will be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration. Zoning variances also require an application to be submitted to the Board of Adjustment. Call the Community Development Department at (252) 329-4498.

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