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Criminal Investigations Bureau

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The Criminal Investigations Bureau is commanded by a captain and lieutenant and consists of five primary units. Those units are the Major Crimes Unit, the Property Crimes Unit, the Special Victims Unit, the Special Investigations Unit, and the Focused Deterrence Unit. Each unit is supervised by a sergeant.

Captain Williams can be contacted at 252.329.4382 or by email at

Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Unit includes the Forensic Services Section and is staffed by a sergeant, five detectives, the Forensic Unit supervisor and four Forensic Technicians. The Major Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating murders, serious assaults, robberies, and other crimes against persons (except sexual assaults). Major Crimes Unit detectives are also responsible for reviewing certain cold cases for new evidence and potential for reactivation. Duties of the Forensics Services Section include: responding to major crime scenes to collect, package, and preserve physical evidence; conducting fingerprint other evidence analysis; maintaining the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) network for the northeastern section of North Carolina and working closely with other agencies in the region in the use of AFIS networks.

Sergeant Burns can be contacted at 252.329.4153 or by email at

Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit is staffed by a sergeant, six detectives and one civilian victim advocate. This unit is responsible for domestic violence investigations, juvenile investigations and internet crimes investigations. Members of this unit are also responsible for investigations involving sexual assaults.

Sergeant Chris Viverette can be contacted at 252.329.4175 or

Property Crimes Unit

The Property Crimes Unit responsibilities include the investigation of property crimes based on area policing assignments and financial crimes investigations. This unit is staffed by a sergeant, eight area detectives, two financial crimes detectives and one computer crimes detective. The primary responsibility of this unit is the investigation of property and financial crimes including burglary, auto theft, fraud and forgery, etc. Additionally detectives in the Property Crime Unit oversee the Pawn Shop detail which tracks items pawned in local pawn shops, generates criminal cases based on pawned stolen property.

Detective Nevelle can be contacted at 252.329.4354 or by email at

Focused Deterrence Unit

The Focused Deterrence Unit acts as the tip of the spear in the Department's violent crime reduction strategy by identifying and tracking chronic offenders and by bringing offenders to the table where they are informed on the consequences of continued violence. The unit coordinates with community social service providers to refer needed services to offenders who want to change their behaviors. It also coordinates between local law enforcement officers, the District Attorney and Federal prosecutors in order to bring the harshest sanctions down against those offenders who do not heed the warnings they are provided.

The focused deterrence strategy targets specific criminal behavior committed by a small number of chronic offenders who are vulnerable to sanctions and punishment. Offenders are directly confronted by law enforcement officials and by representatives from the community, where they are informed that continued criminal behavior will not be tolerated. Targeted offenders are also told how the criminal justice system will respond to continued criminal behavior, mainly that all potential sanctions or levers will be applied. The deterrence-based message is reinforced through crackdowns on offenders, or groups of offenders, who continue to commit crimes despite the warning. 

In addition to deterring violent behavior, the strategies also reward compliance and nonviolent behavior among targeted offenders by providing positive incentives such as access to social services and job opportunities. 

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit includes the Greenville Regional Drug Task Force. The SIU/DTF is staffed by one sergeant and six Greenville Police Officers. The Drug Task Force is also made up of officers from various agencies within Eastern NC. One Special Assistant U.S. Attorney is also assigned to the SIU/DTF. Four Special Investigations Unit detectives are currently assigned full-time to federal task forces with the following agencies: U.S. Marshal s Eastern NC Violent Fugitive Task Force, U.S. DEA s Triangle HIDTA Task Force, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) The SIU/DTF is tasked with conducting vice and narcotics enforcement operations targeting major narcotics distribution organizations in Greenville, Pitt County, and Eastern North Carolina. Special Investigations Unit detectives are also responsible for investigating other organized crime activities, human trafficking cases and processing asset seizure and financial forfeiture cases.