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False Alarm FAQs

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  • Where can I get a copy of the Alarm Ordinance?
  • What is the Alarm School?
  • I have moved from one local address to another, can I still use the same permit number?
  • I have moved out of the city/county/state, how can I close my account?
  • Can I appeal a false alarm?
  • Where does the money go that is collected from false alarm fines?
  • I received a false alarm notification in the mail, but the officer didn't leave a sticker. How can I be sure they arrived?
  • I received an alarm notification sticker on my door/window, what does this mean?
  • I lost my permit number, how can I get another one?
  • What do I do with the permit once I receive one?
  • How do I obtain a permit?
  • Who needs an alarm permit?
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