Emergency Response Team

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The Greenville Police Department’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a unit of specially qualified police officers who are selected, trained, equipped and deployed in high-risk law enforcement situations. The members of the Emergency Response Team are assigned other full-time duties and serve on the Emergency Response Team as needed. The Emergency Response Team operates under the tactical command of the Emergency Response Team, Team Commander. 

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is immediately activated for verified hostage, armed barricaded persons, and sniper situations. In other situations the Chief of Police or Officer in Charge of the Department shall hold or delegate the authority to activate the ERT.

Team members train bi- monthly for a minimum of 16 hours. Physical Assessments are conducted quarterly to include rigorous physical testing and weapons proficiency.

The Emergency Response Team attends training and seminars outside of the agency on an as needed basis. Competitions are used to assess skill levels when compared to other agencies with Special Response Teams.