Community Appearance Commission

Council Liaison: Council Member McLean Godley
Staff Liaison: Domini Cunningham, Planner I
Number of Members: 11 Term In Years: 3 Date Established: April 12, 1979
Duties: To promote, encourage, inform, suggest, and solicit improved community appearance on public and private property.
Meeting Day: The first Wednesday of even months
Meeting Time 5:30 p.m.
Meeting Location: Third Floor Conference Room #337 of City Hall, 200 West Fifth Street
Requirements: City residency
Current Membership:

Name Member Type Expiration Date Current Term
Thomas Alligood  Vice Chair April 2018 Filling unexpired term 
Ryan Beeson   July 2017  Filling unexpired term 
Todd Brown    April 2018  Filling unexpired term 
Kellie Gonzalez    July 2017 Filling unexpired term 
Jeffrey Johnson Chair April 2019 Second term
Chris Mansfield    April 2019  First term 
Jorgette Mullins   April 2017  Filling unexpired term 
Ryan Naziri    July 2018  Filling unexpired term 
Mike Slocum   April 2019  First unexpired term 
Jonathan Taft    July 2017  Filling unexpired term 
William Wooten, III    April 2019  First term 
Community Appearance Commission Agendas and Minutes
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