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Human Relations Council

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Council Liaison:  Mayor Pro-Tem Rose Glover
Staff Liaison:  Cassandra Daniels, Community Relations Officer
Number of Members:  18  Term In Years:  3  Date Established:  February 10, 1972

 To organize and implement programs dealing with problems of human relations and promote understanding, respect, good will, and equality of opportunity for all citizens.

Meeting Day:  Fourth Thursday of each month excluding July
Meeting Time:  6:00 p.m.
Meeting Location:  COMPSTAT Conference Room located on the third floor of the Municipal Building, 201 West Fifth Street.
Requirements:  City residency; 15 regular members plus one East Carolina University student, one Pitt Community College student and one Shaw University student

Current Membership:

Name Member Type Expiration Date Current Term
Samar Badwan   Chair September 2023 Second term
Todd Fraley    September 2023  Second term 
Logan Harrison   September 2023  Filling unexpired term 
Liz Liles    September 2024  First Term 
Francisco Limon*    September  2024 First term
Procopio Serrano    September 2023  Filling unexpired term 
Antonio Milton    September 2024 Second term 
Lomax Mizzelle    September 2023 Second term 
Mayee Zhu*   September 2023 Filling unexpired term
Franchine Pena  Vice-Chair September 2025 Second term
La'Quon Rogers**   September 2024 Second term
Tyrone Walston**    September 2024  First term 
Reginald Watson**    September 2025  First term 
 Suzanne Camus      
 Tyleik Harris      
 Olive Barrett      
Rod Debs**       
Vacant    September 2025   
Vacant   September 2026 
Vacant Student; East Carolina University September 2020
Vacant Student; Shaw University September 2021 Second term
Vacant Student; Pitt Community College  September 2024 First term
Human Relations Council Meeting Schedule and Agendas

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Human Relations Council Statement on Systemic Racism and Police Reform