Neighborhood Advisory Board

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Number of Members: 10
Term In Years: 2 Date Established: May 8, 2008
Duties: Act as a bridge between neighborhood associations and local government to discuss common concerns and advocate for collective solutions.
Meeting Day: Third Thursday of each month
Meeting Time: 6:00 PM
Meeting Location: Conference Room 337, City Hall, 200 West Fifth Street (Currently virtual)

City residency and affiliation with an established neighborhood association.

The Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB) welcomes all residents of Greenville to participate in its meetings and to appoint representatives from their neighborhood associations to serve as liaisons.

To appoint a liaison from your neighborhood, please forward a letter from the neighborhood association president to the Neighborhood Liaison/Ombudsman at PO Box 7207, Greenville, NC  27835; or call 252-329-4228.

Members are elected by liaisons from their respective City Council Districts: Two (2) regular members elected from each of the five (5) districts from which Council Members are elected and five (5) alternate Board Members (one (1) alternate Board Member from each of the five (5) districts from which Council Members are elected).

Current Membership:

Name District Neighborhood Association
Vacant District 1 Vacant
District 1
Barbara Murray
District 2
Matthew Rice District 2
Ann Hamze, Chair District 3
College Court/Coghill
Ann Maxwell
District 3
Vacant District 4
Carolyn Sievers District 4  Lakewood Pines
Vacant District 5
District 5
District 1
Alternate; Vacant
Tonya Mial District 2  Alternate; Cambridge
Vickie Whitehurst District 3  Alternate; Forest Hills
Vacant District 4  Alternate; Vacant
Vacant District 5  Alternate ;Vacant
Neighborhood Advisory Board Agendas and Minutes
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