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Pitt-Greenville Convention and Visitors Authority

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Council Liaison: Council Member Brian Meyerhoeffer
Staff Liaison: Andrew Schmidt, Executive Director of the Convention & Visitors Bureau
Number of Members: 11 Term In Years: 3 Date Established: July 1, 1987
Duties: To oversee the spending of the occupancy tax revenue; to advise and assist in the promotion of activities and programs aiding and encouraging travel, tourism, and conventions.
Meeting Day: Third Thursday of every odd month, except July
Meeting Time: 11:30 a.m.
Meeting Location: Varied
Requirements: Membership Identification:
(1) Owners/operators of hotels/motels
(2) Members of tourist or convention-related business
(3) Residents not involved in tourist or convention-related business
Current Membership:

Name Member Type Expiration Date Current Term
Jenna Albritton  (1) County  July 2019  Filling unexpired term 
Dede Carney (3) City July 2020 Second term
Austin Hill (1) City July 2022 First term
Brianne Lester  (1) City  July 2023  First term 
Dustin Mills  (3) County  July 2022  First term
Tyler McDowell  (1) County  July 2023 First term 
JJ McLamb (2) City; Chair July 2021 Second term
Kenneth Ross (2) County July 2021 First term
Robert Sheck  (3) County July 2020  Filling unexpired term 
Diane Taylor  (3) City  July 2022 First term 
Vacant  Chamber of Commerce July 2021  
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