Multimodal Transportation Commission

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Council Liaison: Council Member Matthew Scully

Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Stalls

Number of Members: 7*

Term in Years: 2**              

Date Established: January 1, 2021

Duties: To advance and encourage multimodal options for the citizens and visitors of Greenville and provide advice and recommendations to the City Council on issues related to public transportation, bicycle, and pedestrian related issues.

Meeting Day: Third Wednesday of every other month (January, March, May, July, September, and November)

Meeting Time: 5:30 p.m.

Meeting Location: Conference Room, G.K. Butterfield Transportation Center, 600 South Pitt Street

Requirements:  City residency

*The initial membership of the Multimodal Transportation Commission will be composed of (9) members. Membership will be reduced down to seven (7) members through attrition.

**Members shall serve staggered terms with each term being two (2) years.  The initial membership of the Multimodal Transportation Commission shall be comprised of six (6) members of the Greenville Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission and three (3) members of the Public Transportation & Parking Commission. The initial membership will be staggered with four (4) members serving 2-year terms, three (3) members serving 1-year terms, and two (2) members serving 3-year final terms.


Current Membership:
Name Member Type Expiration Date Current Term
Kaylyn Levine   January 2025 Filling unexpired term
Daniel Hemme

January 2025 Second term
Robert Edwards

January 2024 First term
Gary Fenton

January 2026 First term
Arcina Dixon Chair January 2025 First term
Katherine Dale  Vice - Chair January 2025 First term
Anthony Robin Little    January 2025  Filling unexpired term


Multimodal Transportation Commission Meeting Schedules and Agendas