GREAT Rider Information

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Riding the Bus

The bus will stop at the designated bus stops along each route. When the bus approaches, check the route number above the windshield to make sure you have the right bus. For safety reasons, passengers may only get on or off at designated bus stops. As you board, please have exact change or your fare pass or ticket ready.

To notify the driver that you want to get off, pull the cord above the passenger windows. The bus driver will stop at the next stop along the route. If you have questions about reaching your destination, please call a customer service representative at 252.329.4532.

Rules of the Road for Passengers

The Greenville Area Transit (GREAT) System has established a Rules of Conduct policy for riders. This policy outlines conduct that is designated as inappropriate on GREAT vehicles, at the G.K. Butterfield Transportation Center, at bus stops, and at bus shelters. All GREAT patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a law-abiding, courteous, and civil manner that is respectful of everyone else using or providing the GREAT service. In addition, all GREAT patrons are expected to behave in a manner that best ensures their safety and the safety of others.

The following is a list of specific behaviors that are considered inappropriate.  The rules are not all-inclusive as additional rules and/or regulations may apply.

  1. Smoking, or use of any tobacco products (including electronic cigarettes).
  2. Attempting to avoid proper fare payment via the use of counterfeit money, passes, tickets, or transfers, or the use of expired passes or transfers.
  3. Refusing to vacate designated wheelchair areas and/or seating for senior citizens and people with disabilities.
  4. Bringing on board any large articles, packages, baggage, non-collapsible strollers or baby buggies which block the aisle and restrict the free movement of passengers.
  5. Bringing on board any animal (caged or uncaged), except for service animals that assist those with disabilities. (Service animals must be controlled at all times, and must be situated in an area that does not block seats or the aisle.)
  6. Bringing on board any food or beverage that is not in its original sealed package or that is not in a sealed spill-proof container.
  7. Bringing on board weapons of any kind
  8. Bringing on board any flammable liquid; or any toxic, caustic, poisonous, or other dangerous substance of any kind.
  9. Failing to be fully dressed, including the wearing of shoes, and/or the wearing of any clothes in a manner that is revealing of undergarments or undergarment areas of the body.
  10. Standing in front of the white or yellow standee line located at the front of the bus.
  11. Carrying on any unnecessary conversation with the bus driver while the bus is in motion and/or obstructing or interfering with the driver’s safe operation of the bus.
  12. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  13. Using profanity or any sexually explicit language.
  14. Engaging in any indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud, demeaning, or disrespectful behavior.
  15. Using any audio device without headphones.
  16. Engaging in unauthorized canvassing, selling, soliciting, or distributing any material
  17. Hanging or throwing anything out of the bus windows.
  18. Assaulting or fighting.
  19.  Engaging in any behavior that is disruptive, harassing, or threatening.
  20. Lighting any incendiary device such as a match, lighter, or torch.
  21. Indecent exposure.
  22. Stealing or damaging, defacing, or destroying any transit system property.
  23. Any other behavior that is disorderly or inappropriate, which is inconsistent with the safe and orderly use of the GREAT service for its intended purpose.

A GREAT authorized representative shall make one request for the prohibited behavior to cease/stop. If the behavior continues, additional personnel may be called to respond. If physical contact/violence is involved, Law Enforcement must be notified. 

Any violation(s) of any of the above may result in a suspension from use of the GREAT services either temporarily or permanently.


Anyone Can Ride!

Greenville Area Transit is committed to providing the best service to all types of riders. GREAT complies with both ADA regulations and State of North Carolina accessibility requirements. All GREAT buses have features to aid persons with disabilities.

Any persons with any comment, concern, inquiry, and/or complaint about GREAT's accessibility services should call 252.329.4532.

Vehicle Features

The following list of features is available on every GREAT bus:
  • Fold-out wheelchair ramps
  • Space for two wheelchairs on every bus
  • Audio and visual announcements of major stops
  • Reserved seating areas for elderly and disabled
  • Kneeling vehicles to make boarding easier

Service Animals

Trained service animals are allowed to ride free of charge on all GREAT vehicles. Customers traveling with a service animal should notify the operator immediately upon boarding. Service dogs may travel without a muzzle but must be on a leash. All service animals must be kept under control by their owners at all times. Service animals may sit on their owner's lap or under a seat but may not occupy a seat. Service animals may not block an aisle or exit way. Passengers with disruptive or destructive service animals may be asked to remove them from the vehicle.

Wheelchair and Other Mobility Devices

For safety reasons, all wheelchairs and other mobility devices must be secured while being transported. Mobility devices should be turned off while secured inside the bus. Any passenger who does not permit the vehicle operator to secure their wheelchair or other mobility device may be refused service. Mobility devices which are believed to present substantial risk of serious harm may also be refused. Additionally, wheelchairs or other mobility devices may be refused service on all buses or a series of buses if they are found to exceed the maximum acceptable footprint of 30 inches wide by 48 inches long.

Paratransit Service

Persons with a disability that prevents them from using the GREAT buses may qualify for a paratransit service provided by GREAT through the Pitt Area Transit System (PATS). This is a special van curb-to-curb service that is available only to qualified disabled applicants. This service is provided during the same hours that the GREAT bus service is provided. For more information, please call us at the GREAT office at 252.329.4532.