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Street Resurfacing

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Another phase of the City of Greenville's street rehabilitation program is getting underway.  Project funds for the 2019 Street Resurfacing Project will be used to mill, repair, and resurface City-maintained roads. The 2019 Street Resurfacing Project includes a total of 13.27 lane miles to be resurfaced. Other work included in the project includes milling, base repair, ADA ramp upgrades, and pavement markings. Streets included in the $2.574 million project are listed below.

2019 Street Resurfacing List

All streets are selected for resurfacing using some or all of the following information:

  • Roadway conditions analysis (performed in 2014)
  • Public Works maintenance records and sample road cores
  • Utility coordination
  • Suitability for resurfacing
  • Road classification - major or minor roadway

Since 2013, the City has resurfaced approximately 117 lane miles at a cost of $17.638 million.

Street Repaving

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