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City Council Approves Funding for Stormwater Improvement Projects

Post Date:10/09/2017 2:18 PM
GREENVILLE, N.C. - The Greenville City Council during its meeting on Monday night approved funding for more than $2 million in projects aimed at improving the city's stormwater infrastructure.

The Council awarded a construction contract for the FY 2018 Stormwater Pipe Repair Project to Trader Construction Company of New Bern, NC in the amount of $1,962,407 and a 15% contingency of $294,361 for a total of $2,256,768 from the City's Stormwater Utility Fund. The repairs will be completed at 11 locations throughout the city to address priority stormwater pipe replacement issues.
Locations that are included in the contract are:
  • Hooker Road (from Horshoe Dr. to Cambridge Rd.)
  • 2201 Jefferson Drive
  • Brook Hollow
  • 1502 SE Greenville Boulevard
  • Willow Run
  • 308 Greenfield Boulevard
  • 4002 Wyneston Road
  • 304 Glasgow Lane
  • 705 East First Street
  • Brookgreen Road
  • York Road
Stormwater projects were prioritized through a combination of investigations performed during the City's Watershed Master Plan project, road resurfacing, or daily inspection of stormwater infrastructure. The projects included in this phase were identified as those in most immediate need of repair and replacement. Each of the locations listed above are experiencing pipe failure, officials said.


The on-call contract will be used to address these issues as well as other priority projects that may arise throughout the contract period. The Public Works Department initially solicited bids on September 14, 2017. No bids were received. As a result, Public Works modified the bonding requirements and solicited bids a second time on September 29, 2017. The City received one bid with Trader Construction Company of New Bern, NC, submitting the lowest responsible, responsive bid.