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Major City Projects

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There are several ongoing public and private projects in Greenville. Listed below is more information about ongoing and future City projects.

10th Street Corridor An NCDOT project to study ways to improve safety along 10th Street, from the 10th Street Connector, across the ECU campus, all the way to the entrance to Brook Valley.

10th Street Connector This project will connect the intersection of Stantonsburg Road and Memorial Drive with the intersection of Tenth Street and Dickinson Avenue, thereby providing a more convenient connection between the university and medical communities.

Dickinson Avenue The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the City of Greenville propose to improve Dickinson Avenue from Memorial Drive to Reade Circle.  NCDOT proposes to repair the existing drainage systems, replace the materials under the pavement and repave the roadway. The City will improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities at the same time that Dickinson Avenue is under construction.

Facilities Improvements The City of Greenville operates 68 buildings and facilities that are used for governmental functions, recreation, and other activities. The City is responsible for maintaining those buildings and facilities which account for approximately 550,000 square feet of building space. This includes, but is not limited to, preventive, predictive and emergency maintenance.

GTAC The City of Greenville broke ground on the Greenville Transportation Activity Center (GTAC) on November 29, 2016. This project started as a City Council goal to create a facility which would encourage multiple modes of transportation within the City, provide a central access point where people could transfer from one mode to another, and create a hub not only for transportation within the City, but also a catalyst for revitalization and economic development. The expected completion date is early 2018. Click HERE for more information.

Imperial Site Link The City of Greenville worked diligently in recent years to obtain ownership and site control of 8.52 acres in the uptown area that used to be home to the Imperial Tobacco Company. The City's primary objective for this area is to work with the private sector to revitalize the area.

Street Resurfacing The City of Greenville is responsible for more than 700 lane miles of streets throughout the City. A transportation improvement bond approved in 2015 provides $10 million for the City to mill, repair, and resurface City-maintained roads.

Town Creek Culvert An aging storm drainage system and an increase in the surface area for stormwater to go into it has created major flooding in Greenville's Uptown Shopping and Dining District. This project will help solve this problem.

Watershed Master Plan This project is taking an inventory of Greenville's watersheds and helping to develop prioritized project lists to reduce flooding in Greenville, improve our water quality, and ensure efficient use of tax dollars for storm water projects.

Sycamore Hill Gateway Plaza The proposed Sycamore Hill Gateway Plaza will be built on the site where the prominent Sycamore Hill Baptist Church once stood. Incorporating iconic features, the gateway plaza will become a prominent western entrance to Town Common. Click here for more information.

Town Common Phase 1 This project is to develop refined plans, specifications, and cost analysis for the successful implementation of the Phase I Town Common Improvements. The design development of Town Common will include an engaging, participatory process to ensure the inclusion of a wide range of focus groups and stakeholders. Click here for more information.

This project is an effort to rehabilitate Arlington Boulevard, which is the most traveled City-maintained street in Greenville. The construction includes work to reconstruct the pavement surface, replace aging stormwater infrastructure, upgrade ADA ramps, and construct a greenway path and sidewalk. You can find out more information about the Arlington Boulevard Improvements Project HERE.