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Major City Projects

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There are several ongoing public and private projects in Greenville. Listed below is more information about ongoing and future City projects.

Dickinson Avenue The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the City of Greenville propose to improve Dickinson Avenue from Memorial Drive to Reade Circle. NCDOT proposes to repair the existing drainage systems, replace the materials under the pavement and repave the roadway. The City will improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities at the same time that Dickinson Avenue is under construction.

Elm Street Stormwater The Elm Street Storm Drainage Improvement Project will address flooding issues caused by outdated and undersized drainage infrastructure along Elm Street and some of its surrounding streets. The Elm Street System collects drainage from approximately 58 acres along Elm Street and discharges directly into the Tar River. This drainage area is highly impervious and includes segments of Willow Street, Brownlea Drive, East Third Street, and East Fourth Street.

Imperial Site Link The City of Greenville worked diligently in recent years to obtain ownership and site control of 8.52 acres in the uptown area that used to be home to the Imperial Tobacco Company. The City's primary objective for this area is to work with the private sector to revitalize the area.

Street Resurfacing The City of Greenville is responsible for more than 700 lane miles of streets throughout the City. A transportation improvement bond approved in 2015 provides $10 million for the City to mill, repair, and resurface City-maintained roads.

Town Creek Culvert An aging storm drainage system and an increase in the surface area for stormwater to go into it has created major flooding in Greenville's Uptown Shopping and Dining District. This project will help solve this problem.

South Tar Greenway The South Tar River Greenway expansion will connect the City's existing greenway from the Town Common to the medical community. The first phase is underway and will extend from the Town Common to Nash Street. For more information, click here.

Cedar Lane Stream Restoration The proposed Cedar Lane Stream Stabilization Project will take place along a confined section of Reedy Branch that runs parallel to East Wright Road at the southwestern corner of Jaycee Park. Click here for more information.

 Adventure Park Graphic  

The City Council has purchased more than 350 acres of land near the intersection of Old Pactolus Road and Northeast Greenville Boulevard for the development of a new park. It is envisioned that the park will focus on outdoor recreational activities such as running, hiking, biking, and camping along with lake-based and river recreation.

 Cedar Lane Project  

The Cedar Lane Storm Drainage Improvement Project will address flooding issues caused by outdated and undersized drainage infrastructure along Cedar Lane. Proposed improvements will provide a 10-year level of service, and are estimated to install or replace approximately 1,400 linear feet of pipe along with 20 catch basins and/or drop inlets.

 BUILD Grant The City of Greenville is pleased to announce the beginning of planning, environmental studies, and designs for the City’s Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) Project. In July 2019, the City of Greenville applied for a BUILD Grant administered by the US Department of Transportation. The City of Greenville was awarded $15 million in BUILD Grant funds in November 2019. The BUILD Project is comprised of four greenway and sidewalk projects and three streetscape projects.