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Planning Division Unveils New Interactive Sites

Post Date:10/27/2017 9:39 AM
GREENVILLE, N.C. - The public has two new ways to learn about development in the City of Greenville thanks to a pair of interactive and informative websites provided by the City's Planning Division.

The 2016 Development and Activities Report and Interactive Map of Non-Residential Projects provide a comprehensive look at some of the latest development activities in the city. The sites are an innovative way for the City to keep the public informed about what type of growth is happening around them, according to Planning GIS Technician I Patrick House.

"We feel like this is a good way to track growth in the city," House said. "So many people ask 'What is going on here?', or 'What is being built there?' They can now go to these sites and get the answers."

The Development and Activities Report provides data from annexations, population density, site plans, preliminary plats, building inspections, rezoning applications, zoning patterns, historic preservation, and more in a user-friendly story map format. The site utilizes maps and links throughout to detail recently completed and future development in the city.

"It tells the story of the city's growth and activities from the Planning Division's perspective," House said. "We have taken what used to be paper-based reports and transformed them into an interactive web application."

In the Interactive Map of Non-Residential Projects, users can navigate through site plans for non-residential projects that were recently completed, under construction, or coming soon within a buffered distance of a user-selected location. The information that is available includes names, types, and acreage for site plans in Greenville, along with the year it was approved, directions, and its character and land use designation in the Horizons 2026 Community Plan.
Each site is responsive and can be easily viewed through browsers on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. For more information about the sites and how to use them, contact GIS Technician I Patrick House at (252) 329-4236 or phouse@greenvillenc.gov.