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 Monthly Maintenance:
In an effort to maintain the Off Leash Dog Area, the Park will be closed the fourth Wednesday of each month for maintenance from 6:30am-3pm beginning Wednesday, June 28, weather permitting.  Maintenance will include but not limited to turf management, weed control, tree trimming, fence and gate repairs and grounds upkeep.

Off-Leash Dog Area Basics:
An Off-Leash Dog Area is a dedicated recreational site for citizens and guests who own dogs.

Listed below are highlights of the park rules. Click here to view the rules.

  1. Hours of operation: 7:00 AM until dusk.
  2. User assumes all risk of injury to themselves or their dog(s). However dog owners are responsible and liable for the actions of their dog(s).
  3. No animals other than dogs may be brought into the fenced area.
  4. Dogs shall have a collar with ID, display dog license and rabies vaccination at all times while in the park.
  5. All dogs must be leashed until safely inside and returned to a leash prior to exiting. Owners must have 1 leash per dog at all times. 
  6. Dog owners must remain in the fenced area while their dog(s) are using the dog park. Owners must be in view of their dog(s) with voice control at all times. 
  7. Dog owners must be age 18 or older to be allowed in dog park area unsupervised. Children accompanying dog owners must be strictly supervised by an adult and be at least 12 years old to be allowed inside. Spectators should remain outside the fenced area.
  8. Aggressive dogs and female dogs in heat are not allowed. Owners must immediately leash and remove dogs from the dog part at the first sign of aggressive, hostile, or combative behavior. Any dog found to have bitten another dog and/or person will lose all dog park privileges.
  9. All pet owners are required to pick up their dog waste and dispose of it in the containers provided.
  10. North Carolina State Law requires that all dog bites be reported to the Animal Protective Services at 252-329-4387. In addition, owners are required to assist in the investigation of incidents of aggression or biting by providing appropriate identification and information to the Police, Recreation & Parks Department officials, and to other dog owners who are involved with the incident under investigation. Failure to provide assistance and identification as requested will result in immediate revocation of all dog park privileges. Owners are liable for any injury or damage caused by their dog and are fully responsible for their dog's actions. 

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Off Leash Dog Area
Off Leash Dog Area

 Directions to the park:
The site is a little over a ½ mile east of the Town Common and one block north of East First Street between Warren Street and Ash Street.


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